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Comments: I just ordered a pair of these - having lovingly run my pair of Inspire 7's into the ground (a couple of marathons, several half-marathons, countless training runs, etc.) I have already had a chance to use them twice: both for short 3.5 mile runs (one on the treadmill and one on the road). Very impressed with how they feel/fit right out of the box. Light. Supportive. Comfortable.
From: Adam, Middlesex, NJ, USA

Comments: A fine shoe; light and "fast," but surprisingly supportive, too. I usually race in the Elixir, but the Inspire is light enough to serve as a racing shoe for marathons. 
From: C (Brisbane, Australia)

Comments: I started running about 1.5 yrs ago and am up to 25 mpw.  I average just under a 7 min/mi 5k pace.  Since I started running, I've been searching for a good training shoe.  Its been difficult mainly because I moderately overpronate in one foot but am neutral in the other due to a larger than average leg length discrepency.  Shoes either provided too much correction for my neutral foot or not enough for my overpronating foot.  Luckily, I found the Mizuno Elixir, but it just doesn't have quite enough cushioning for me for runs greater than 8 miles.  So, I decided to take a look at the Inspire 6 - enter my sweet spot.  Great, great shoe that provided just enough stability for my overpronating foot but not too much for my neutral foot.  The Inspire 8 is definitely similar to the Inspire 6, and, in my opinion, a better shoe.  Like many others, I hated the Inspire 7, but Mizuno definitely resurrected the Inspire with the 8th edition.

From: Ben, Hillsborough, NC

Comments: The shoes looked and felt great right of the box but after a 6-mile run in them it was a totally different experience.  I had discomfort in my right foot and the following morning the arch on my left foot was tender/sore as well.  I would not recommend this shoe to anyone.
From: Nick, Austin, TX

Comments: Finally the shoe is back. I loved 5,6 but 7 was a disaster. I found the cushioning to hard. Just did not feel home. 8 I fell in love with again from day one and enjoy wearing them again. If you hated the 7, I am pretty sure you will love the 8 again. Will use them for the Frankfurt Marathon 2011 this weekend.
From: Marcus, Zurich, Switzerland

Comments: I find the 8's cushioning quite a bit more firm than the 5's or 6's. I haven't run in the 7's, but I can safely say the pair that I received were quite firm in the mid-sole and heel and lacked the bounce of forementioned series. The Osaka gets great kudos for the colors, but firm ride is a downer for this Mizuno fan. This is not what I'm used to from Mizuno. I love the bounce, and this pair just doesn't have it where it counts.
From: Keith Abbott, Annadale, VA

Comments: A  cracking shoe!  Returns to the fit of the Inspire 6.  Fans of the Inspire 6 who didn't like the Inspire 7 will love the fit of this shoe.  Better cushioning than either Inspire 6 or 7, but still with the trademark Mizuno road feel and smooth transition.
From: Steven, Hobart, Tasmania

Comments: A solid improvement for sure! More flexibile in the forefoot and I can feel more cushioning in the heel comapared to the Inspire 7. Lighter feeling, and the same fit or similiar to the 6 model. The colors aren't too shabby either. Very pleased after two 7.5 mile training runs Bravo!!! 
From: David, Tempe, AZ

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