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Comments: Good: Lightweight, flexible. This shoe will not slip off, hugs the back of the foot very nicely. I have a medium width foot and found it to be roomy. Bad: No protection other than bottom of shoe, which doesn't have a rock plate. Shoe will absorb/keep water in (as I found out tonight). I am not a fan of the lacing that follows down and curves towards the big toe, which also offsets the tongue (once you are laced up its ok, but prefer the traditional straight laced formation). For the money, great overall shoe for trail and road. I'd stay true to size even though shoe fitter recommended a 1/2 size up.
From: Mario, San Francisco, CA, USA

Comments: The Good: Very comfortable, nice ride, very light, can put some distance on with these shoes. The Bad: Not for technical trails. You roll your foot over the side of the shoe due to little upper support on rocks. Very little toe box protection from stubbing toe, and no rock plate. Overall: If you run nice trails or ones that aren't very rocky / rooty, these will be great.
From: Rob, MO, USA

Comments: Really starting to like these shoes. Like Gus, the high and stiff heel counter gave me issues initially. Rather than trim it down I just wear slightly taller socks. There is little to no support from the upper, but that is one of the things you sacrifice with the light weight. I use an insert, so the lack of support isn't an issue for me. The outsole is where this shoe truly shines. It uses a very light weight material (similar to the Nike Lunaracer) that is soft to medium-firm, but provides significant cushion and decent protection (not Hoka level though...). The 'Flex' design is nice as well. It just seems to make for a very smooth transition on uneven surfaces. I just purchased a second pair and might consider adding another just in case Montrail decides to change it up (though that doesn't seem to be their normal all :)).
From: Sean M., San Jose, CA, USA

Comments: The Shoefitr, which I have had awesome success with, is off with this one. They recommended a size 12.5. I bought 12 because that's what I usually wear... and it was huge. This one is going back. It is very lightweight and flexible; will try smaller size.
From: Joe, Somerville, NJ, USA

Comments: I've had this shoe for about 2 months now and have not worn it regularly - I keep it around because there are many things which I like about it, and some I don't. For me, this is a 2-3 hour, relatively smooth trail/pavement shoe. This shoe falls into the group of shoes which are sub 8oz, very flexible and make for super uphill running. It's a simple cushioned shoe without any structure on the upper, decently cushioned midsole (probably no rock plate) and grippy sole which clung to dry steep dirt/ + asphalt equally well. After my first run, I took a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the devil's horns at the heel counter, and snipped off about an 1/8th of inch from the entire top of the heel counter. There's a rounded, gnarly, rough seam at the top of the heel counter, and the devil's horns stuck into my Achilles during climbs. The shoe cruises along smoothly on flats, climbs without any stiffness/restrictions, but feels a little sloshy (just a little) on descents. Fun shoe if you're familiar with the terrain you'll be on - wouldn't want to use as an all day epic run shoe or on a route with brutal rocks. My longest run in this shoe has been 2 hours.
From: Gus, Central Coast, CA

Comments: Good: I love the lightweight feel. Bad: Seems like the shoe is almost slanted down. Wore it on a 10 mile portion of the San Juan Soltice, and got a pretty good black toe. Not sure I would suggest it for an all day run, but very nice for a 10-20 mile trail run. Good grip, nice feel. One last comment, I wouldn't expect to get more than 200 miles on it just based on the upper construction. (very light weight/flimsy) Great shoe though for a fast trail race. (IE Pikes Peak Ascent etc.)
From: Evan DeLaney, Colorado Springs, CO

Comments: I love the balance of generous cushioning and minimal feel that this shoe provides. Excellent for non-technical trails. The tread works impressively well on ice. I'd prefer it if the toe box were a hair wider, but it's sufficiently roomy.
From: Ben, New England, USA

Comments: Very happy with these shoes. I've tried all kinds of minimal running shoes and I would have to say that the FluidFlex has a perfect combination of cushy underfoot protection with a classic minimal feel. Toe box is roomy but not overly spacious. Tread seems to be conducive to both trail and road. Overall construction seems quite sound compared to other minimal shoes I've worn. I would highly recommend the FluidFlex to anyone who is looking for a suitable higher mileage training/race day minimal style trail/road hybrid. Enjoy.
From: Jon, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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