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Comments: High quality, durable shoe. I was use to wearing a minimal trainer like the Kinvara or M890s before purchasing this shoe. I feel these are very comparable performance wise to a minimal trainer, plus you get the added cushioning. In terms of durability, I am 5'8 ,160 lbs and have logged 300 miles. They still have plenty of cushioning for shorter runs, but the inside liner is starting to fray. The first layer of black tread has not worn through in any places on the bottom of the shoe. Great value for the money.
From: Kjinok, Yukon, OK, USA. May 30th 2014

Comments: I started running 13 months ago at the age of 57. Went to a local shoe store that knows quite a bit about fitting etc. They tried several pairs on me and recommended the NB1080v3 which I purchased that day. I failed to complete my first run of one mile because of fatigue and being out of shape. Within four months I ran my first 5k and thought I would die. 27:00. I have steadily increased my endurance and strength. I have not missed a week of running in 55 weeks. A few weeks ago I ran 23:12 in a certified 5k race in Watertown, WI. I have three pairs of 1080v3 shoes and two pairs of 1080v2 shoes. V3 is definitely better for me. I logged 850 miles in 2013 and am at 300 through March of 2014. Still have my first pair of 1080's but retired them from running at about 500 miles. I have been able to stay healthy (with common sense and slow/steady increases) and I credit the NB1080's for much of that. Frankly, I'm afraid to try a different shoe.
From: Leon, Custer, WI. April 12th 2014

Comments: For many years I have run in the Asics Gel-Nimbus series. I was looking to expand my horizons in search for a high mileage daily training shoe that had a slightly lower heel-to-toe drop and was a little more responsive. The New Balance 1080 v3 is a great shoe that provides some support but remains flexible, the 8mm heel-to-toe drop feels great and the cushioning can handle the 20+ long runs. The shoe wraps around my foot in a great way. This shoe could even be used for the faster paced tempo runs. My only complaint is that the tread life is lacking. I was easily able to get 500+ miles out of my Asics Nimbus shoes. But just after a month and 150 miles later the tread is nearly eroded away to the mid-sole. I would consider buying these shoes again once the tread life has been proven better. I’m a 6’0”, 165 pound mid-foot striker that logs 50 – 75 miles per week with training runs at 7 minute per mile pace.
From: LaMont, Rocklin, CA

Comments: This shoe was so close to perfect. All the shortcomings of the previous shoe were fixed. V2 wasn't flexible or cushioned well enough up front, and some how they did a great job improving both. All while dropping the weight! The upper feels and fits like a glove - except the heel is enormous. I tried playing with the lacing, but couldn't quite make it work. Just too little grip back there. I'm disappointed I can't run in these.
From: Nate, Des Moines, IA

Comments: A very good fit and a responsive ride. The forefoot is more flexible with a more fluid roll. A sporty ride vs a leisure ride for this type of shoe.
From: David, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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