New Balance M890 v4 Men's Shoes Yellow/Magnet Customer feedback

Comments: Great shoe for intervals, tempos and faster workouts. Plenty of cushion in lightweight package. Shoe runs very narrow. I am on the borderline of D and EE normally. Tried the D and it was way too tight. Tried the EE and it was still too tight. Had to go to 4E to get the right width. The length is about 1/4 size small. So sizing this shoe can be difficult IMO. If you get the right size, this is a very comfortable shoe. Stats - 5'7" 130 lbs, 50 miles per week.
From: Anonymous. August 18th 2014

Comments: I was really disappointed with this update. The V3 in my mind was a perfect shoe. It was light but still protective. The heel drop was not too steep. I run 80-95 miles per week. Changing to the V4 was a bad experience as the wide heal was restrictive, and despite saying it was lighter, it felt much heavier. I do not know it the wider nature of the shoe makes it feel heavier, or if it is not reported with the proper weight. I love New Balance products. But there is a demand for the V3 type of shoe. Hopefully NB brings that shoe back.
From: Anonymous. May 8th 2014

Comments: Having previous bought the original and v2 of the 890, I was looking forward to getting the v4 because I really liked the two previous version and the v4 was listed as weighing only 8.1oz (significantly less than the other two.) I wore a 9D with the previous models but taking the shoefitr recommendation to go half a size bigger I ordered the 9.5. The shoefitr recommendation was dead-on as the 9.5 fit fine. However I was shocked when I weighed the v4 and found it weighed 10.66oz. Now In know shoe companies often fib about the weight of their shoes, but 2 1/2ozs! Since I liked the two previous versions of the shoe, which weighted about the same anyway, I kept the v4. I you like liked the previous versions of the 890, you will like the v4. It gives a cushioned and flexible ride. However, if you are buying this model because of the listed weight, you'll be disappointed.
From: Tom, Castro Valley, CA, USA. April 12th 2014

Comments: Great update NB. This 890 v4 definitely runs a half size short. Wish NB would make it a standard fit. Helps when ordering on-line. Great lightweight feel. Protection of a daily trainer, but feels racing flat like, almost! Hope NB makes the tongue a little thinner next version. The laces are a tad short. I'm a heel striker and I have almost worn through the black rubber on the heel after only 50 miles. Hope the next version has a more durable heel. Even with a few short comings. All-in-all a fantastic shoe.
From: Phil, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 2/27/14

Comments: Almost a perfect shoe. Very light, responsive, and comfortable. All New Balance has to do now is shorten and thin the tongue like the NB 1600, and curve the last a bit more. Well done New Balance!
From: Ron, Bedford, NH, USA. 1/29/14

Comments: After 50 miles in this shoe it has become my favorite running shoe of record. Previously running in the Kinvara 2 and 3 but switching to the 890v3 for longer distance running comfort (I'm 6'0, 189lbs), the NB 890v3 has done nothing but satisfy. Great cushioning while still maintaining that fast feel and also being good enough on light to moderate trails, this shoe seems to have it all as far as I'm concerned. For shorter distances I could mix in another shoe such as the Kinvara or another lighter, less cushioned shoe, but for overall training and especially longer distances at least of half marathon length which I have run this shoe has everything I want. Some reviews mention a shallow and/or narrow toebox and after a few runs this ceased to be even a minor issue for me. The only small issue I have is that the tongue seems to slide to either side over the course of a longer run but it hasn't caused any discomfort for me thus far. Long story short: if you buy the 890v3 you won't be disappointed!
From: Jason, Portland, ME

Comments: This shoe is awesome! The shoe is very lightweight compared to the similar shoes in other brands that I have tried. From the first run, the shoe felt very comfortable and didn't seem to take long at all to feel broken in. On gravel roads and pavement it allows me to feel the ground below me but also gives me cushioning to put in training runs of up to 20 miles for my marathon preparation. I debated getting a new pair of racing flats for my upcoming marathon, but due to the weight of these I plan to use them for the race. I look forward to my next pair of these shortly after my marathon and will definitely be buying the 890V3 again.
From: Nathan, Fargo, ND, USA

Comments: For the most part I love the feel of this shoe, it is quite lightweight and wraps around my foot snugly. I never find my foot to be "swimming" in this shoe. I got the impression that it has quite a good "grip" on asphalt. I ran my first marathon in them and they came through. However... Whilst the fit and feel was perfect in every other way, the toebox turned out to be quite low, which resulted in runners toe for both my big toes, especially the right. I didn't have any problem in quarter marathons, but I'm not sure if I'll use them again in longer distances. I'm wondering if I should have bought half a size larger, but judging from the shape of the shoe I'm not convinced it would have helped much.
From: Andreas, Athens, Greece

Comments: Wow - really surprised how great these shoes feel. I typically run in the Mizuno Precision but since they are being discontinued I wanted to try something else. Very lightweight and flexible, nicely cushioned with a great midfoot wrap. My feet tend to splay out in the forefoot and I didn't have a problem with the toebox. They are slightly longer than the Precisions but I stuck with the same size. (I ordered two pair, one blue and one silver. The blue fit great while the silver seemed 1/2 size too big. Not sure if it was something with that specific pair or if the silver runs slightly bigger (different man'f. location?). Overall, these could be the best training shoes that I've ever used.
From: Brad, Gurnee, Il, USA

Comments: I have a wide forefoot, and wore a 12.5 2E in the 890V2. Loved them; the toebox was plenty wide, but had a nice snug feel, and I wore them out, which, of course, meant the V2 was no longer available when I needed new ones. Ordered the same size in the V3, right? The entire shoe is bigger, e.g. has a *lot* more material in the upper all around to the extent that I have to lace them with a special pattern to pull the outside of my forefoot inside the last. I had to make sure they were 12.5s after putting them on. They're still sloppy - material bunches, etc. - but serviceable. Tempted to try a different size just to see what is going on. I really like the 890 series - the drop is good, cushioning isn't excessive, and they're really light. Not sure about this one.
From: George, Virginia

Comments: NB still has not addressed the low volume toe box. It may be just a tad roomier than 890v2's but the top of the forefoot feels compressed in these shoes and it's not a width problem but a height issue. Cushioning is somewhat firm and depends on your footstrike. Feels firmer than a Mizuno wave rider16 but softer than the Nike Vomero8's.
From: Mike, NY, NY

Comments: I've found the M890v3 is a great shoe with the exception of the low volume toe box. As an aspiring mid-foot striker I really like this shoe's versatility. The lower offset gives me the ability to work on my form during shorter runs and maintains enough cushioning to protect me during longer runs. Unfortunately, the low volume toe box irritated my large toe. I could mitigate the discomfort with different socks but after 5 runs of various lengths I gave up on this version of the shoe.
From: Adam, Tacoma, WA

Comments: May be the perfect shoe. For me at least. Strikes a great balance of comfort, speed and road-feel. Fits beautifully and just sort of disappears underfoot. Provides really nice spring back from the road and maintains some decent road feel. I just have no desire to run in any of my other shoes right now. Always training for some marathon or another, and frankly wish I'd worn these in my race last week.
From: Peter, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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