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Comments: Loved the forefoot in NB 1010, my favorite shoes ever.  The 1011 added flex grooves for a more flexible forefoot, which I didn't want, so I skipped that generation.  Read that the 1012 was stiffer, so I got those.  But forefoot is too flimsy and hinges at the flex grooves.  Not the great feel of the 1010.  Not terrible shoes, I'll keep wearing them, but wish I could find a forefoot like the 1010.  Wore some old 1010 last night, most of the shoe is shot, but the forefoot is still great.  Size 16, 280 lbs, run ~30 miles per week on trails.
From: Scott, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Comments: I was a big 1011 supporter, went through several pair and trust NB to upgrade heritage shoes in a good way - just bought first pair of 1012's. These seem like almost the same shoe in a different color. lots of control and stability. However they do seem a bit stiffer than the 1011, but that will wear off with mileage. I like the 1012's and would buy another pair.
From: Jim, Spring, TX, USA

Comments: I love these shoes.  I have extremely flat feet.  My feet are also quite long (size 14) and very wide (4e).  These shoes fit the bill for each condition.  The instant I put them on I noticed a huge difference.  All of my weight used to be put on the front of my foot, causing severe pain in my feet as well as my back.  These shoes cradle my foot and even out the pressure distribution.  The most amazing thing that I've noticed is that I actually walk different because of these shoes.  My right leg is slightly shorter than my left, and my right foot turned outward to compensate.  I no longer do this while wearing these shoes.  Seriously, I can't recommend these enough.  Amazing deal on all counts!
From: Brandon, Columbus, IN, USA

Comments: Forced to look at the 1012 when NB discontinued the 1011 (which I loved).  I'd read bad things about the LockDown Liner in the 905, but I have no trouble at all with it in the 1012.  Large, heavy motion-control shoes that do exactly what they're designed to do.  I'm 6'1", 178lbs, flat size-12D feet, am a rear- to mid-foot striker; and I have a history of injury, mostly of the type that overpronation would tend to produce.  The 1012 feels great: very solid, stable and supportive, holds the heel well, and cushions better than the 1011.  Forefoot is pretty wide, definitely wider than the 1011. One big negative: the top of the tongue is just long enough to poke into the front of my ankle.  Its length seems to make it a bit rigid v. other shoe tongues, too.  I actually got a bruise from it!  Lacing/tying loosely isn't really an option in a MC shoe.  I had to chop off some of the tongue (inner corner) and cover it with duct tape to alleviate the problem.  Didn't have this issue with several pairs of the 1011.
From: Clive, Charlotte, NC, USA

Comments:  My first purchase from Running Warehouse.  I am heavier and pronate.  I've been pleased with all New Balance shoes so far but the 1012 is probably most suited for my walking/running style.  Running Warehouse is the cheapest on the internet that I've found with free 2 day shipping.  Have already recommmended this company to others and bought my son a pair of NB that suit his style as well.  Stick with Running Warehouse.  I wish they sold more than just running shoes (hint, hint).
From: Raymond, Wixom, MI, USA

Comments:  Customer for Like!!!!!!This shoe is amazing. I went to a local New Balance store and tried this shoe out. They wanted $135.00 plus tax. I found shoe at Running Warehouse for $90.00 flat. I am 6'2" 235lbs. with flat feet that have taken years of abuse on the basketball court. I need shoes with the maximum support and motion control. Not only does this shoe handle both of those tasks they have more than enough cushion which is rare when looking for this type of shoe. I hate to say it Brooks but it is time to step your "Beast" up.   Amazing shoe New Balance and an even more amazing deal on this shoe Running Warehouse. 
From: Anterio, Morrisville, NC. U.S.A

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