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Comments: I am hooked on NEWTONS

I purchased these after running my first half marathon last May. These took about a week of getting used to. I suffered from blisters on my toes and an IT band injury in my right leg all through the 1/2 marathon training. Have been wearing these since the summer and have not had one blister nor any flare-ups with my IT band! I pair them with my Injinji toe socks and I am happy. On my second pair of Newtons. I just received the Momentums and am excited to train with them for my next 1/2 marathon this May! Running Warehouse has awesome customer service and respond quick with questions or concerns. Thank you for the great work and providing the great brands!
From: Mar, Cloverdale, BC Canada

Comments: I'm a relatively new runner, always believed i'm an under-pronator. i've had a L knee arthroscopic surgery, after an SUV hit. bottom line, as a new runner, i was scared for my knees. I've always loved Asics and happy about my Asics Nimbus. However, I wanted to evolve as a runner, thus, the deviation to Newton Gravity. They say (or so my husband, who runs marathons, says), you should initially run new shoes at 3 miles. Right or not, I ran over 8 miles on my Newton the first time. Surprisingly, I did not have major issues or problems adjusting... except, i'd say, for a minor shin pain on my R lower leg. this, i figured, was part of the adjustment. I love the shoes. I just got them right on the week of Super-Storm Sandy and my first 8 miles were run surveying the damage in Jersey City and Hoboken. It does prompt you to take small, efficient strides. I wonder how those protrusions in the front really, actually make you do it. I still have a long way to criticize or appreciate my Newtons. However, I am loving it now. I have my 3rd half coming in Philly next week. My husband tells me not to, but I will wear them.
From: Kat, Jersey City, NJ, USA


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