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Comments: First pair, the inside mesh fell apart. Exchanged no issue. Second pair, put about ~30miles on and my ankle now hurts. I'll be exchanging these for my trusty Asic Noosa's. Tried them out, they look great, I just don't think lugs are for me. I'm 5'9 190lbs fit guy, I think I need a bit more support/cushion than this shoe offers. Probably a good racing shoe, not an everyday trainer.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I was suggested to try these shoes after expressing that I was feeling pain in my lower legs after my runs. The fit guide suggested that I go with a 9.5 shoe, (a 1/2 to full size larger than I normally wear) however, when the shoes arrived, the shoes were at least a half size too big and required me to wear two pairs of socks for them to fit properly. These shoes lack some of the arch support I am used to in other traditional running shoes and for those transitioning from Nike/New Balance, etc. These definitely take some getting used to in relation to how your foot strikes the ground. The lower heel drop combined with the forefoot lugs encourage me to run with a shorter stride than I'd like, but hopefully once I receive a pair of newtons (that fit better), that I can start running in regularly, I hope to have fewer post-run injuries (shin splints, achilles tendonitis, runner's knee) that I'm typically getting after only 2-5 miles. The toe box is a bit larger than what I am used to, but did not feel excessively loose (once I doubled up on my socks). The materials in the upper breathe very well and appear to be well-made, though I have not had the chance to run in these, as I am thinking about returning them on Monday due to a loose fit. Kudos to running warehouse for including a return label and offering a fair return policy. [Unfortunately, these particular shoes were not available in a smaller size, so it appears that I will have to choose from one of the other Newtons to exchange them with. This time, I will choose at least a half size smaller than what the fit guide suggests.] Pros: Lightweight, encourages forefoot running Cons: size guide incorrectly suggested that I go up at least a half to full size larger than what was needed (not Newton's fault) Likes: Colors are catchy and I like what the company stands for after reading their website Gripes: Prices are a bit high compared to most running shoes. 
From: Robert City, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca USA

Comments: 5 star shoe...light weight, subtle support, accepts my custom orthotic with no, stable, and worth every penny for the serious runner...
From: anonymous, Dino, Florida, USA

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