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Comments: These are my first experience with the nike free series. I went with the 4.0 simply because they fit me better than the 3.0 or free run. Without a doubt these are the best running shoes I've ever had. I'm a believer in the less shoe is better idea and this is the most minimal shoe I've tried. They make running feel more natural while still providing some soft cushioning. If you are a heavy runner I could see where the midsole could bottom out but for average weight folks they are perfect. Shoes like these are not for everyone bit if you like a light and low to the ground feel the 4.0 is a
must try.
From: Gene, Michigan

Comments: best shoe i have ever had!! light and flexible. takes a little time to get used too. but i will buy this shoe for as long as it is availabe.
From: Nathan, huntington beach, ca USA

Comments: I just returned this shoe, size 9.  I wear a size 9, D-E width (foot is 10" long, medium arch height of 2 1/2" measured at middle of arch to top of the foot, and 4" wide)  This shoe was very snug and tight even in barefeet.  When I raised up on my toes, while wearing the shoe, it pinched or irritated the top of my foot just in front of where the lacing starts behind the toes.  The rubberized coating makes the upper fabric stiff, not very flexible.  I also noticed this shoe is not very breathable and this feed back comes from wearing the Free 4 v4, that I also have, to work for a day.  My foot was very wet from perspiration from just wearing them to work for the day,  with a thin pair of polypropelene socks.  I'm thinking they will make a good winter shoe.

Anyway, I'm sure they will be fine for some people, just not for me.  My foot, it seems, is a bit odd and not along the lines of the average person.  I've struggled to find the right combination of shoe. I keep going back to Kinvaras for longer runs, but just ordered some Brooks Pure Cadence to see if they will be more comfortable.  I'm hoping to find a shoe with the lowest arch support (which seems to be most comfortable for me), and with enough cushioning for longer runs.
I tend to have to remove the insole, cut away the arch portion and reinstall it, in order to keep it from irritating my arch.
Minimalist shoes and sandals without structure are most comfortable to me, but I'm still in search of a cushioned shoe for long runs and which does not irritate a second toe neuroma affliction in my right foot.

Best of luck with this shoe.

From: Tim, Westerville, Ohio, US

Comments: My first non-traditional running shoe, trying to make the transition to minimalist running shoes. So far after a few runs this shoe has been great. The low drop encourages a mid foot strike and has made the transition to using "good form running" easier. I no longer have lower leg pain after runs. I highly recommend this shoe.
From: Matt, Fishers, IN, USA

Comments: First off, this is a day one, breaking them in review. I have yet to run in them. Also, I have been in the original Free Runs for the past two years so I will be comparing these to those alot. I love the Free Runs.

The shoe is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable as far as cushioning goes. The outsole is softer than what I am used to with the Free Runs, but I think I like it. The wrap over your foot tongue/sockliner has a very supportive feel to it and it makes getting in and out of the shoe a bit quicker. (However, it may cause an issue which I will explain in a minute.) The flex grooves are slightly different from the Free Runs as there are more sections and varying angles.t I can already tell this change will be for the better. My feet feel more grounded and less wobbly in these than the Free Runs. That's a good thing because of how super light, oddly supportive, and extremely cushioned they are.

The fit is pretty snug in the midfoot and some may find it a bit narrow, especially the more flat to neutral arched runner. This makes it deceptive in terms of sizing. I wear a 10.5-11 depending on the brand, and always a 10.5 in Nike. However, I feel that the slightly pointier toe of the shoe, the narrow midfoot, and the lace bed being rather far back causes an issue of the smaller of your two feet, breaking the shoe in at an odd angle near the toes. Or it may be a defect because it's only the right shoe. I think this is due to the material used to cover the upper on the outside part of the toe bed.

I will give it some time and try different lacing methods to see if it gets better. If not, these sadly may be returned.
From: Anonymous, Coastal Carolina, USA

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