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Comments: I've had at least 10 pairs of the version 3, and 2 of the version 4. I had to purchase one half size up in the 4's. Be warned - the issue is that the length of the toebox was scaled back between models. The uppers of the version 4 do not hold up like the version 3 Zoom Streak. The uppers rip out on the inside just above the top of the arch of the insole. Both shoes of each pair ripped between 50 and 100 miles of wear. However, the rip does not seem to significantly impact the fit and feel of the shoe. They remain secure and responsive. The new tread does tend to last longer but on cold days it is stiffer than the rubber used on the 3's and you'll notice a bit more "click" or "tap" sound at the footfall. The fit is similar (for me) to the version 3 except it seems to have a slight amount more midfoot protection/absorption - I won't say cushion as this is a great racing flat/lightweight trainer - and not a shoe you should try if you are looking for cushion. It is a fast shoe for 10K & up (roads). Given a choice on marathon day, I'll break out a pair of Zoom Streak 3's from my reserve, but once they are gone, I'll opt for the version 4 - unless Nike corrects the issues and makes the version 5 similar to the version 3!
From: Paul, Ohio, US

Comments: The shoe is quite heel unstable and that might not be a problem for road racing. on the other hand the cushoning is excellent. Anyway, I must express my disappointment since after 200km the inside mesh tore (looks like nike did those yellow horizontal cuts to ease the task), after 250km the external did the same and the shoe just wobbles on your feet. At least they don't have the extremely high arch like the streak 3. Still, I'm back to my adios 2, 20grams heavier but at least they're properly built, grippier and fit better.
From: Gabriele, Milan, Italy

Comments: Well,I have run 2 marathons in these with PRs and did a back to back marathon with these shoes which fitted well.  These shoes are not for everyone; I have the streak 3s and they are different but i like the the 4s better.  If you have feet just narrower than regular then these might be good i think.  Its sad that i moved down south and my feet have swollen from the hot temperatures so Im sad i cannot wear them for my upcoming marathons.
From: Luke, Fort Riley, KS, USA

Comments: If you were a fan of the Streak 3, prepare to be disappointed. I went through two pairs of the 3 before finding, to my dismay, that there were no pairs left in my size. So I decided to try the 4. And, in typical Nike fashion, everything that was good in the 3 was not to be found in the 4. Gone was the no frills upper of the 3 that could accommodate my wide foot. The 4 also added more overlays which created a nasty hotspot on my first metatarsal head. And, as if it couldn't get any worse, the yellow mesh panel on the side of the shoe has ripped after only 50 miles of running. Nike, you have lost my seal of approval yet again.
From: Anon, Anytown, USA

Comments: Could not find any reviews or videos on this so I decided to see how they were myself.  The shoe is a good flat, only ran 7 miles max in them and didn't have any problem.  A wider mid-foot part than the zoom streak 3 so its a bit more comfortable.  Nice and responsive also so if you have a wide foot than don't get these, but i hope they hold well on my marathon.
From: Luke, Fort Drum, NY, USA

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