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Comments: In support of John's comment, I found these shoes much narrower than everything I have owned so far, from Adidas Adizero Rocket, Mizuno Wave Ronin 3, New Balance MR890.  My size ranges from 9.5 to 10 in other brands.  I ordered a 10.5 for these PI shoes and still had difficulty to get in, and found the shoes press too hard on the sides of my feet.  Will return and may try size 11 to see if they fit better.  Too bad because these shoes seem to be perfect for a race shoe or speed trainer.  I'm a male runner, 6'1, ~180 lbs, doing about 25-30M/wk.
From: Phuc, Potomac, MD, USA

Comments: I like the shoes, but tough to get into and in my opinion they run narrow. I wear a 10.5 and had to wear two pairs of thick socks, just to get my feet in comfortably. If you have narrow feet they should be fine, but it you tend to be snug in a D width, it may not be the shoe for you.
From: John, Spokane, WA

Comments: I have raced all season in these, got them the day they showed up here. It has some MUST have multi-sport shoe related attributes. 1) elastic no tongue sock liner allows for no sock needed 2) holes in the sole for water drainage when you dump a cup of water on yourself in a race 3) elastic laces for speed transitions 4) fairly light weight material for quick dry and weight savings. BUT, it has 2 downfalls.. 1) that pull tab on the rear is 100% worthless. You can't grab it nor put your finger through it to aid in pulling the shoe on quick. At least, not if you care about transitions measured in seconds. 2) that heel cup is the must f***** up design I have ever felt on a shoe. The heel is literally a hard plastic insert that has zero give. I get why it was done - keep the heel from collapsing in a fast transition - but DAMN was a hard plastic insert actually needed?  I will take flexible heel cup any day with the risk of collapse in T1 over that plastic cup. That cup destroyed my heel - bloody blister the size of a quarter - on first run that took weeks to heal. Now I am okay, but lordy. In these 2 respects Zoot does it better but Zoot's just fall apart so quick.
From: Anonymous

Comments: Far more superior in fit and function than any Zoot offering.  The laces actually function in this shoe.  I have experienced no irritation what-so-ever without socks which is more than I can say about Zoot's offerings.  Incidentally, Zoot's 2012 line-up will feature lower heel tabs throughout as a result of frequent achilles rubbing.  The Pearl's foothold is exceptional, entry is a breeze, and the low to ground midsole height offers great stability and feel for the road.  Hands down, the best triathlon race shoe I've tried.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I have the Streak II's and these shoes are just as good. From a 4 mile tempo to a long run. These shoes fly. I went 16 miles today in these and I am 6', 185lb. No issues we these shoes. They push you forward on your toes. Great shoes!!
From: Kevin, Roseville, California, USA

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