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Comments: I have to agree with James from Atlanta.  I've done a 21 mile and a 12 mile trail run in
them and the 12 mile was ok, but I did feel a bit beat up after 21.  I do like the shoes--they
are cushioned, they grip well in dry conditions at least (haven't tried them in wet), they
transition well; they definitely aren't NB 'minimalist' like the the 100/101 (which I really liked
but found to be not cushioned enough)  They may, however, work for longer distances for a
lighter guy (I'm 167 lbs.).
From: Ron, Bloomington, Indiana

Comments: I have a narrow heel and mid foot, average-width toe box and flat-to-normal arches.  I run around 50 - 60 miles of trails per week.
Based on my experience so far with this shoe, I don't agree that it works well on highly technical trails, possibly for shorter races, but certainly nothing over a half-marathon.  For a minimalist shoe, it does do a good job protecting the bottom of your feet from rocks and roots, but not enough for your feet to function well over an entire techincal ultramarathon.  On well-groomed trails, a runner with strong arches would find this shoe comfortable for runs greater than the aforementioned.  However, on technical trails, the shoe really leaves your feet feeling beat up quite quickly.
Traction is as good as any trail shoe that doesn't have huge rubber lugs.  The shoes are as stable as your foot will allow them to be because there isn't much between your feet and the ground.  But that won't save you from rolling an ankle when your lower calf muscles are shot from fatigue created by wearing a minimalist shoe.
At the end of day, if you want a versatile, not-so-heavy trail shoe, look at the PI Synchro Fuel XC's instead, but if you want a light, stable, one-dimensional short race shoe, you'll be pretty pleased.
From: James, Atlanta, GA

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