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Comments: I've had these for a month and a half now, and though I've tried other PI shoes and another brand's shoe in that time, I have to say that this is the best shoe that I've run in for 23 years.   It is fast, great flexibility and transition, very well designed with no gimmicks, and has enough cushioning for training (but you can feel the ground, too).  I've beaten them pretty badly, including with a 20 mile trail run, but they are still holding up (and I'm 167 lbs.) I both supinate and pronate on one foot, and they are ok with that, even.  Very recently I bought a pair of P.I. Kissaki as a complement to these, for some more support and recovery because I tend to run fast in these, and they complement each other pretty nicely.  Really a shoe to love if you like putting on something light, but cushioned enough, that will just let you go out the door and really run.
From: Ron, Bloomington, IN

Comments: I have to agree with James from Atlanta.  I've done a 21 mile and a 12 mile trail run in them and the 12 mile was ok, but I did feel a bit beat up after 21.  I do like the shoes--they are cushioned, they grip well in dry conditions at least (haven't tried them in wet), they transition well; they definitely aren't NB 'minimalist' like the the 100/101 (which I really liked but found to be not cushioned enough)  They may, however, work for longer distances for a lighter guy (I'm 167 lbs.).
From: Ron, Bloomington, Indiana

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