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Comments: I had two problems with these shoes which forced me to return them.  First, I couldn't get the laces snug enough around my midfoot without over-tightening around my ankles.  And second, the shoes don't lock down my heel at all.  These are not for me.
From: Ivan, Covington, TN, USA

Comments: I bought a pair of these because I absolutely love my Speedcross 2's and wanted something similar that was a little less aggressive, more road to trail friendly (as these are advertised), and maybe a bit more geared toward warmer weather running.  Unfortunately, the Crossmax sizes a little differently than the Speedcross.  Where I very comfortably wear an 11 in the Speedcross 2's, Shoefitter's recommended size in the Crossmax Guidance is only 10.5 which is an acceptable, if not good, fit but just a touch snug. Even while feeling a bit tight in the mid foot, I found that the heel didn't lock in as well as with the Speedcross 2's unless I really tighten down the laces (making the midfoot feel even tighter).  Because of the sensifit, the toe box did feel pretty good though.  Even worse, though, was that I got the "guidance" version because both it and the Speedcross 2's are listed as a stability shoes with both showing "minimum to moderate" support on the footwear performance characteristics scale.  Compared to the Speedcross 2's which don't feel at all like a stability shoe on my feet, the Crossmax definitely has a much stiffer sole and more obvious arch which my feet, and knees, don't seem to like.  So, unless you really need an actual "stability shoe" with a firm/high arch, I'd suggest trying the Crossmax "neutral" instead. I'm sending my Crossmax Guidance shoes back in exchange for another pair of Speedcross 2's, though I may look at the Crossmax Neutral, again in the future, when Running Warehouse has the shoes scanned for size or I can try them on in a store before buying.  I really do like Solomon shoes and, except as noted with regard to fit, the Crossmax look like they ought to be excellent if properly matched to your feet and running style.
From: Weldon, San Diego, CA, USA

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