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Comments: I got these shoes because I wanted something that was supportive yet lightweight and low heel toe drop. This shoe fit all of those criteria and were also a good price. They are very responsive to all sorts of workouts, cruises, hill sprints and repeats on the track. They are so comfortable and require no break in period. I am a high school xc and track runner, but I also used this for various field events at practice. I would say that it is highly durable for normal running use, but as for me, they barely lasted two months. Like my kinvara3s the cortana2 developed a rip right under the saucony logo on the posterior side near my small toe. I think that may have come from lateral movements during drills. Besides this issue, the cortana 2 is a very good shoe, like a more cushy kinvara. It felt fast and I ran a very good 5k cruise in it (18:41). I upper is very breathable and stretchy. The tread pattern wore down very quickly, it probably lasted me 3-4 of hard use until the rubber sole wore down to the foam. I would still highly recommend this shoe and would get it again for regular running
From: Dan, Staten Island, New York

Comments: Before getting the Cortana 2 I had been alternating between Adidas Rockets, Nike Lunar Montreal, Nike Lunar Racer 2, and Adidas Adios 2 in my training. As I want to get up to 60-70mpw in my training, and I saw the Cortana had only the 4mm heel offset, I was intrigued by them. So I was waiting for the Cortana 2 to go on clearance, and now that they did, I got a pair. I've had them a week and put in runs of 7, 5.4, 6.2, 9, and 7 in them. So here's the review: As I tried them on the first time I was struck by how padded the tongue was. I wasn't sure if I'd like that, but I haven't noticed it on the run. Yay, the toebox is roomy. The collar on the outer ankle side is a little too high and hits my ankle bone, but fortunately it is soft enough that I haven't noticed it on the runs. This has the thickest insole I have ever seen; it's about 3/8". (If someone thinks to get these and take out the insole, I think that would make these huge and also make the ankle collar even higher.) The other noticeable things are that the sole is a bit rockered underneath the forefoot. The sole, also mostly in the forefoot is very flared. The construction is flawless. So far they have been great to run in. They definitely soften the impact without being mushy at all; that is, they have some rebound to them. You can run fast in them. I'll give them 4.5 out of 5 stars.
From: Glen, Moorestown, NJ, USA

Comments: I have run in the asics nimbus 12's and 14's for the last 4 years and I wanted to go more towards a zero drop but not sacrifice cushioning. These shoes are awesome. I put in 35 miles my first week in them with a 15 miler on saturday and I am very happy. My only complaint is I have a skinny foot and I had to cinch the laces all the way down to get a good fit. I purchased some sol air insoles which are a thicker insole and that made for a better fit. I would highly recommend this shoe. I will see how they fair for my first marathon in them in may.
From: Ryan Rich, Hooper, Utah, USA

Comments: I have the tendency to research stuff to death so when I ordered these shoes simply off the reviews of the previous Cortana and the knowledge that Saucony always works to improve their products I was way outside of my comfort zone. Lucky for me my first run in the Cortana 2 put me right back in my comfort zone. These shoes are AMAZING! Granted I've only run in them twice (4 and 6 miles) and won't go for a long run until this weekend. The upper holds my foot in place but feels like a glove. It's flexible, can't feel any seems, and breathable. I can tell the ride is plush enough for comfort on the long runs but also responsive enough for tempo runs. I would highly recommend this shoe. I know it's a little pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. I'm going to buy another pair just to wear around the house....slipper style!
From: Eric, Charlotte, NC, USA

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