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Comments: I'm unfortunately very disappointed with my brief experience with the Speedcross 3.  I order them from RW and as usual the experience with RW was flawless.  The shoes arrived and I picked them up in NY, I was over on a business trip.  I came home, tried the shoes on they felt great, walking around the house/yard etc.  I decided to go for a short trail run on a re-purposed rail line, so flat, crushed gravel, and soft.  The first run a short 10k resulted in a dime sized blister under my right arch.  I've never ever blistered before from anything so it was a surprise.  I chalked it up to new shoes.  The next run a 12k on the same trail grew the blister in size.  Its now the size of a quarter, and a new one started on my left arch.  It turned out the zig zag on the arch side of the Speedcross 3 is not only large, but rubs.   Google it, this is apparently common.  So I'm planning on returning them and heading over to another trail shoe as my foot now aches pretty badly.  Unfortunate because they styling is top notch, but I guess pretty and functional don't always mix.  I'll return to my Cascadias for this weekends long hills run.
From: Ron, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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