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Comments: This was my first pair of Salomon shoes, and so far, they have been great. I selected my size of these shoes based on shoefitr (my comparison model wss the Brooks Cascadia) and it didn't let me down. I wore them for a few hours around the house before my first run in them. That run was about 3 hours in a variety of conditions including snow, mud, rocks, frozen dirt, ice, and dry trail. Except for the ice, these shoes performed very well - grippy with good traction and no slippage. Even though my feet got wet and a little muddy, I did not get any blisters or experience any other problems. I also really like the lacing system. I'm looking forward to my next run in these.
From: Pete, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 2/13/14

Comments: I just wore this shoe in the 2013 mansfield Tough Mudder. This was the best shoe I have ever worn. It did not slip one time in 10.5 miles of mud and water. Tough mudder will take your shoe if you don't duck tape it. I did not do that bc of the faith I had in this shoe. I put them shoes through hell had it wanted more. It took me 15 mins to get my shoe off after the race. Well worth it. I do not wear this shoe on the road at all, off road only. I will never buy another off-road shoe besides the speedcross 3. 5 star shoe for sure. 
From: Jordan, Van Wert, OH, USA

Comments: The Speedcross 3 is the perfect trail shoe. The upper keeps everything out but still allows your foot to breathe during the summer. The toebox in this is wider than the Sense or Wings so you don't feel as cramped yet with the speed lace it holds your foot snug. Now the grip is incredible. With the chevron lug pattern you will not be slipping even in the worst conditions. I recently used this shoe for my first 100 mile race and I got through the whole race on one pair of shoes and finished with no blisters after being on my feet for 27 hours. This really is the perfect trail running shoe. 
From: Sean, Boise, ID, United States

Comments: I've never left feedback on shoes before, mostly because I'm never completely happy with a pair. However, I wanted to comment on the Salomon Speedcross 3. First, I discovered that I enjoyed the Salomon brand by trying on a different model at a non-running store recently. I tried them on thinking there was no way I would like them. But, I did. So, I then decided to order other models of Salomon shoes from RW, so I could decide which model was best for me. Reading previous reviews on the web, I would have thought that the Speedcross 3 was a no go compared to other models. However, out of the 3 models of Salomons that I have tried; the Speedcross 3 defenitly has the best fit. They hold my heel in place, which most shoes do not. And, even though the toe box is snugger than other models, it really doesn't matter because the material works with your foot. Across the board the brand is very comfortable, but the Speedcross 3 is really designed well - It hugs your foot. The original reason I thought I wouldn't like the brand is because I'm probably doing the reverse of what a lot of people have done: I'm leaving minimal footwear and going to good, solid, functional trail shoes. 
From: Ken, Somerset, NJ, United States

Comments: I'm unfortunately very disappointed with my brief experience with the Speedcross 3.  I order them from RW and as usual the experience with RW was flawless.  The shoes arrived and I picked them up in NY, I was over on a business trip.  I came home, tried the shoes on they felt great, walking around the house/yard etc.  I decided to go for a short trail run on a re-purposed rail line, so flat, crushed gravel, and soft.  The first run a short 10k resulted in a dime sized blister under my right arch.  I've never ever blistered before from anything so it was a surprise.  I chalked it up to new shoes.  The next run a 12k on the same trail grew the blister in size.  Its now the size of a quarter, and a new one started on my left arch.  It turned out the zig zag on the arch side of the Speedcross 3 is not only large, but rubs.   Google it, this is apparently common.  So I'm planning on returning them and heading over to another trail shoe as my foot now aches pretty badly.  Unfortunate because they styling is top notch, but I guess pretty and functional don't always mix.  I'll return to my Cascadias for this weekends long hills run.
From: Ron, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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