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Comments: I bought this shoe at a race because I desperately needed new flats. I can say that it feels cheaply made. Not much padding and it's light. (Not saying it tears apart it just feels cheap). It makes a great flat surface cross country racing shoe. Grass, dirt and asphalt were easy to run on in these shoes. The only downfall is the lack of padding at the bottom. You will feel everything you step on. Rocks are a big no no in these shoes as you get a large amount of pain from the rock stabbing you. Other than that, the shoe gets me out in the race fast and allows for easy foot movement. I'd give this shoe a 7.5/10. You can certainly find better, but if you need a flat you can look here.
From: Michael, California

Comments: Everything about the construction is great! The upper is light, flexible, but secure. The outsole and spike placement is good. The weight, while not the lightest XC spike out there, is still very light compared to many XC spikes, especially considering its durability. The only problem I have with the spike is its fit. It's not terrible, and may be more of a personal thing, but the toe box area just doesn't feel quite shaped right for my foot. I have fairly narrow feet, but I also have long toes (Morton's toes). The toe box could be rounded just a bit more or the length of the shoe extended about 1/4 length would be perfect. Not small enough to go up a half size, though.
 Gavin, Ohio


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