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Comments: A fortyish female, 110 lbs, 5-2, run 25 miles a week currently. I have very high arches. My feet are narrow at the heel and arch but my toes fan out. Because of this, I need a generous toe box. I do not pronate at all and buy neutral+ shoes. I had been running in Asics, they were great shoes but did not fit my feet properly. I purchased the Saucony shoes in order to correct toe problems I was having.

I have put 175 miles on my Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7 so I thought I had enough info to give a report. I bought these shoes along with a pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 11 which I alternate runs in. I also have a report on the Mizunos which I have put 150 miles on.

I wear a size 6 in non running shoes. I bought a size 6.5. I wish I had bought a size 7, or tried the 6.5 in a wide width. The shoes fit well but I wish they were just a tad bigger. I wear very thin socks while running, if I wore thicker socks, they would be way too tight. If I buy another pair I will either get the size 7 or the 6.5 in wide width depending on which feels roomier to me. My toe problem has healed and has not recurred. I no longer tape my toes as I had previously.

The two big selling points of this shoe are:
1) The arch lock system. I have high arches, VERY high. These shoes are awesome in supporting my arches. They just clamp up to them and support the dog mess out of them. My arches never tire during a run. NEVER.
 2) The big toe box. The toe room is generous. It is a little smaller than the Nike Airs I have run in the past, but is adequate. I think the nice snug fit of the arch lock makes the toe box SEEM bigger to me than it is. I feel like my arches are so well supported and then when you get past the mid foot, BOOM, it just opens up really wide for my fanning toes. I really like the feel of that!

I do have to be extra careful to not lace and tie these too tight. I had a similar issue with the Mizuno Wace Creation 11, but it is much more important to NOT tie too tight in these. At one point I irritated the inside on my pinky toe on one foot. During along run I ran the last 2 miles in a lot pain from pressure on the outside of my foot. The next day I laced up loose and it fixed my problem. (I have a habit of really lacing tight!!) This is one reason why I think I really need a half size larger than I have now. Tying loose is not a problem, I still have support and have not created a hot spot or blister, but even with thin socks I wish I had just a tad more room. I ran once with thicker socks on and that was NOT going to work. I blame this on me.
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