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Comments: I have been switching between brands and shoes for a few years now but the Aegis 2 is where I am stopping. I have already bought my second pair! I have had trouble with shoes with too much pronation control, ones with too little (IT band issues to follow) and ones which are so cushy that I have a difficult time running long or fast because of them. The Aegis 2 is a great shoe for training with an extremely light upper. Because of the weight distribution it actually feels lighter than many other shoes which weigh less. The shoe fits well, and provides a light, but effective amount of pronation control. It is quite responsive also, not too cushy but not so hard that my joints hurt after a run. Because of these shoes I have begun to run longer and more often because injuries are less and running is quite easy. They are pretty fast too, no problem running under a 7:00 pace in these.
From: Greensboro, NC, USA

Comments: I've got only a couple of runs in these, but so far I really like them. A bit firmer and more supportive than the DS-Sky Speeds I replaced with them but still very responsive and light. For me the shoefitr is wrong - it recommended I size down 1/2 a size but I'm a 9 in these (as well as the F50) as I am with almost every other shoe.
From: Sky, HVL, CA USA

Comments: I've had this shoe for about 1.5 months and rotate it with a pair of Asics Skyspeeds.  I'm 6'1", 175 lbs., and converted to a mid/forefoot strike 3 years ago.  I normally wear Asics and this is my first pair of Adidas.  I agree with the previous customer feedback - the shoe is light and fits great, but I've had a negative experience with the sole durability.  I can normally get 300 miles on a pair of Asics.  At only 40 miles, the forefoot soles of the Aegis 2 are showing significant wear.  I doubt if I'll be able to get to 100 miles on these.  I'm disappointed, because I really like the shoe otherwise. 
From: Keith, Ft. Campbell, KY, USA

Comments: A good running show that feels like a feather on the foot. I have used these for to what adds up to over 100 miles and I will us them in my 7th  marathon event early 2012. Overall, a good running shoe, lightweight with good support and if you don't mind the ''a pair on sunglasses to look at them'' style colours, then I can recommend a pair
From: Martyn, Portsmouth, ENGLAND

Comments: Great shoe overall. I am 5'10, 160. Slight pronator, but having gravitated to a more mid-forfoot strike over the last 1.5-2 years I can now wear some neutral shoes and be ok.  My knees and hamstrings are thankful for the change and I highly recommend that running style.After much research, I bought this shoe for a marathon. I wanted something a little lighter and a little more flexible than the Nike Elite+, Brooks Ravenna, and Mizunno Inspire I trained in (though I love the flexibility of the Ravenna for a support shoe).
The Aegis 2's are very comfortable, lightweight, run on the narrower side (great for me), and are pretty flexible (beneficial for mid-forefoot running). The arch support is OK but could be a little better for me. I averaged only 30-35 miles/week (very low for a marathon, I know), but I got my long runs in which are key. Ran a 3:15 in the Aegeis, but my calves and achilles had to do more work than they were used to doing. I definitely recommend this shoe for someone that does not pronate too much, for any distance up to a half marathon or a little more, and wants to run fast in a lighter weight shoe. But if you need a tad more support (especially for a marathon) and are not an elite runner, the Addidas Tempo or similar may be a better choice (though I have never tried the Tempo). Also, I did jump rather abruptly into the Aegis from the aformentioned shoes, so that may have contributed to the extra calf and achilles stress over the for long distance.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I've had this shoe now for a month and love it!! It can take on everythng and it's amzing that its so light. It begs you to run faster!! I run 40 miles a week and i can do everything in these from tempo runs, speedwork, and long runs. It feels like it propels me forward. It's a great versatile shoe and i recommend it to everyone.
From: Jordan, Aike, SC, USA

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