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Comments: Have had may pairs of Cumulus. Decided to "upgrade" to the Nimbus this year. Ran in the shoes several time putting in about 15 total miles. The Nimbus hurt my feet. Contacted customer service. They took them back even after I ran in them and allowed me to replace them with my choice. I went back to the my faithful Cumulus. As always, I love them. They are a bit slimmer than previous models which is a bonus for me. They really fit my foot well. Great shoe and the best customer service of anyone I have ever dealt with.
From: Phillip, Ashville, Alabama

Comments: Sorry to say Asics has ruined this shoe. No longer the cushioned shoe it once was....too stiff and rigid. My legs feel sore after every run in these, something that never occired in previous models. 
From: Will, Nashville, TN, USA

Comments: What has Asics done to the good old trusty Cumulus. I have run in the Cumulus since the 10th version. On each purchase I could slip them on and run a 21km right off the bat. I recently purchased the Cumulus 14 version and after around 10km I started to blister under my forefoot. In a nutshell - the new version 14 is like running on bricks under the forefoot. The nice plushy ride of the previous versions is gone and the shoe feels far more like a stability shoe than a cushioned shoe. On the positives, the upper feels great, light and airy. The heel cushioning is fine, but the forefoot cushioning has left me totally disappointed. The shoe is far narrower than previous versions, but with the lack of cushioning I have a brand new pair of shoes lying in my cupboard which I cannot use. I have had to switch over to the Saucony Ride 5 to get the cushioning that I need in the shoe. Very disappointed with what asics have done with the Cumulus 14.
From: Guy Watchurst, Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Comments: I have purchased many pairs of Asics over the years but this was first defective pair. The lugs on bottom of shoe became unglued from the sole. Furtunately RW was great about returning them. They may be good but after approximately 100 miles they came apart.
From: Geoff, Phila,PA

Comments: No longer my go to traditional shoe! Much too narrow and low in the forefoot for me, very disappointed and still haven't found the right replacement.
From: Dan, Calgary, AB, Canada

Comments: I loved the feel and response when I tried it in store, however the toe box is too low for me so I could not purchase it to wear. I wish they had a simple design on the front without the lightning pad.
From: Babak, Texas, USA

Comments: Great model of Asics shoes. This is my third pair of the Cumulus series and I plan on staying with them until they are no longer made. Have lasted me well over 500 miles each. Very responsive to your running style.
From: Jesse, Eau Claire, WI, USA

Comments: I agree with other posters that this is a different fitting shoe.  I have a higher-volume, wider foot, and if you take in interest in the Cumulus for this reason, it may disappoint.  The 2E version felt more tight than D I own in a previous version.  The cushioning and profile seem very nice but it's important to know that this is an entirely new fit profile.
From: Nate, Des Moines, IA, USA

Comments: Best update to the Cumulus model in a long time! Not as wide in the forefoot toe box (a good thing) and the cushioning doesn't seem quite as soft (was a bit mushy)in the forefoot which now, to me, gives it better road feel. Lighter feeling overall and still provides a very springy heel to toe transition. Very pleased after 2 faster paced 7 miles runs.
From: David, Tempe, AZ USA

Comments: A much more responsive and less bulky feeling shoe. The redesigned heel eliminates the momentum drain the previous ones had and the truss braces feels like it helps you move faster vs slowing you down from being too stiff. The heel is very snug so if you have a robust foot it may be too tight but overall the shoe went from a bog/slog/jog to a sprightly brisk run. It got into race shape!
From: James, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

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