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Comments: I just received these shoes in the mail yesterday and before ordering them, I had done my research. I felt that it was time for me to make that minimal/barefoot running transition. Thus far, I've only clocked in 1 run at 7.3mi at just a little over an hour's time (I consider myself a novice runner). I felt as though I could have kept running because these shoes are light and extremely comfortable/flexible. However, making the transition to a different style of running, I didn't want to do overdue it too much too fast. I definitely do feel the burn in my calves today but it feels good. I am looking forward to many, many more runs in these AdiPure Gazelles.
From: Noel, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Comments: I have had these shoes for about one to two months now. I use them for track work outs ranging from 100m-1000m, mostly on an indoor track. When I accelerate in them, they do not provide great feedback and I slip in them a little, unless they are tied very tightly. I do find these shoes to be very comfortable for just wearing around, but I would recommend a racing flat over these for work outs 
From: Keegan, Madison, WI

Comments: Great feeling shoe... but they aren't red. They are orange.
From:  Scott, Bloomington, MN, USA

Comments: These shoes are amazing! I can run over 20 miles comfortably. Adidas hit out of the ball park with the gazelles. I just hope Adidas never stops making these awesome running shoes.
From: Jorge Briones, Whittier, CA

Comments: These gazelles are phenomenal! I like how they fit, feel and look. I love these shoes... I need to stock up on these shoes before Adidas decides to discontinue them... Awesome shoe! Running warehouse is the best, I only get my running shoes from them... Thanks guys!
From: Jorge, Whittier, CA

Comments: So the Gazelle is the lightest shoe I've run in to date. The Kinvara 3, PureFlow, PureCadence, Green Silence, Wave Musha 4, Newton Distance are the other shoes in my current rotation. So while the lightest and lowest profile it still maintains the 6mm drop. Here are my impressions. This is a fast shoe. I am about a 7:30 mile guy and my first 5 mile run netted me 7:12 per mile. I wasn't trying to go that much faster, but you can't help it, this shoe is designed more for speed then anything else. Also, after the first 3 miles my calves were more tired then normal. So while these shoes maintain a 6mm drop if you're not used to something this low profile it's going to take awhile for your body to adjust. I feel like I'll be fine going more then 5K after a few more runs in them. As far as the ride it is pretty smooth for such a minimal shoe. You can definitely feel the road with every step, but it's not too harsh. Just don't take these shoes any place else, they are strictly road. I can't see them handling even smaller rocks very well. The upper is interesting. At first I thought it might be too tight, but it feels better as you run. My toes seem to touch the front of the shoe, but I can't see ordering a size bigger as I feel fine when I run. It's hard to explain, but the material stretches well while you're running even if it feels a bit tight when you're standing still. They fit pretty true to size for me. I wear a 9 in normal shoes and a 9 fit just fine for me. For now I'd wear this for a 5K but would be hesitant to wear them for anything longer until I get a few more practice runs in. Eventually I don't think they'll be a problem for anything up to 10K. This definitely is not a distance shoe for me. 
From: Mike, Clarksburg, MD, USA

Comments: I have been moving towards more natural/barefoot running for a while. But I probably did too much too soon with the adipure gazelle. I haven't had a good experience with these shoes.  They are really light but I don't feel very fast or efficient when running I them.  This is mostly because my pair is most likely too large for me. 9.5 are usually pretty snug for me, but not with the gazelles. There is way too much room in the toe box.  I would suggest these shoes only to more experienced natural runners who already run on their forefoot. I would also encourage ordering at least half a size smaller than usual. 
From: Ben, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Comments: Wow! These shoes feel amazing while running. They have a great balance in cushion, flexibility and responsiveness. If I have to name an issue it would be that the upper in the forefoot presses your toe creating a strange feeling. But, the sensation disappears when running.
From: Alejandro, Mexico City, Mexico

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