ASICS Gel Lyte33 3 Men's Shoes Yellow/Black/Silver Customer feedback

Comments: I don't want to say I am disappointed in this shoe but there are some significant things I am not a fan of. I purchased these shoes after running a liquidation pair of Saucony Kinvara 4's (arguably my favorite shoe ever) through the ringer and I wasn't willing to pay $100 for a pair of shoes I would blast through relatively quickly. The uppers are very comfortable, truly a "slipper-like" fit. They hug your foot well but aren't the most breathable and every now and then the heel counter rubs my achilles the wrong way.The "supportive overlays" are just graphics and mine peeled off after a few runs. This hasn't effected the support of the upper though. The midsole, as stated in other comments, is extremely soft. There's a little bit less material between you and the ground than in a pair of kinvaras and the squishy feel of the shoe lets you know that. The ride isn't bad, but I would have preferred a slightly firmer ride and a little more protection from pebbles on the road/tr ail. They are definitely more comfortable when moving fast. The outsole seems pretty durable. After a bit over 300mi using them as a daily trainer, they're holding up pretty well considering how light they are. I could see them being used as a marathon racer for someone not sold on racing in road flats. Over all, not a bad shoe but I think I'll go back to the kinvaras or try another shoe before I try a pair of Lyte33 3's again.
From: Robert, Riverhead, NY, USA. September 26th 2014

Comments: I love this shoe and agree with both of the previous comments. However, less than 300 miles, it already has a hole in the toe box already. Not sure if other people have the same problem.
From: Ken. August 28th 2014

Comments: Coming directly from the Kinvara and Virrata (pretty firm), which I really like, this is the first Asics in 15+ years. First impressions: Noticeably softer than the Sauconys, but much better road feel, and I really appreciate the lack of a plastic heel counter, although the Sauconys were minimal. Excellent forefoot room. I did have a day or two of achilles come-and-go twinges, but they subsided and I'm in the shoe full-time now. I'd buy it again. Nicely done, w/ no overlays.
From: Nick, Virginia. 3/10/14

Comments: This is a really amazing shoe for tempo training and it can also be used in races as well. I've been told also this shoe can be used for a marathon. It is very well cushioned and gives you a lot of toe room. Order this shoe true to size.
From: Dyllan, Florida/ 3/3/14



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