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Comments: I wore Instinct 1.5's for the Disney 2014 Marathon. As a racewalker, I find these shoes to be the best fit for style of movement. I have put in about 75 miles so far on this pair and have not noticed any issues with the top mesh. Really looking forward to the 2.0's being released soon. As much as I like the shoes, a little more cushioning will be welcomed as long as it doesn't throw off the geometry.
From: Chris, Williamstown, WV, USA

Comments: I love my Altra Instinct shoes for the foot shape and zero drop. Didn't really like running in them because they just killed any spring I have. Loved walking in them. Wore them to work every day. Bought a pair of Instinct 1.5 to replace them but will be returning. They are 1/4 inch shorter and too narrow. They also are round toed instead of foot shaped. They look like they will have the same durability problems as my original Instincts so without the foot shape they really are not worth it. I could not tell by the picture that they had changed the shape but I can sure tell when I put them on.
From: James, Plano, TX

Comments: I just bought a pair of the black ones. I already owned an orange pair, both size 13. I really like these shoes for walking but... the sole is noticeably narrower in the forefoot on the newer shoes and a wide forefoot is the reason i wanted the shoes. Holding them next to each other it appears to be almost a 1/4 inch difference. I am returning them.
From: Joe, Michigan

Comments: Nice shoe but same durability issues. I love the roomy toe box but the heel is a little loose. I wish the heel fit was similar to the Superior which is a bit tighter. I was hoping for more miles but it seems that the upper will disintegrate soon. I roll my right foot a little to the outside and the lateral edge is now beveled and wearing quickly as I have reached the foam. Definitely not what I was expecting. Be forewarned: the fit will lure you in with its roomy toe box and the ride is comfortable but not plush. In the end, though, you will have to resign yourself to fewer miles than anticipated. Well worth the entry price but definitely not a long term investment.
From: Andy, West Hartford, CT, USA

Comments: the Instinct 1.5 didn't feel much different than the Instinct 1.0, but like many others have said, tore the outer mesh after 80 miles. Also doing much more aggressive street runs with 400-600ft elevation change so they do take a bit of abuse but I am looking into the provisions now. HOPEFULLY a bit more support.
From: Cory, Pinesville, NC, USA

Comments: Nice shoe, a bit heavy but comfortable. The mesh tore after 150 miles and now I have rips on both sides. Other reviewers made the same comments on the Altra website, but oh so strangely, they were taken down.
From: Benjamin, New York, NY, USA

Comments: First, I want to say that I love these shoes. However, the upper is like tissue paper in terms of durability. I had the 1.0 and they lasted about 400 miles. I got the 1.5 and the upper started tearing at about a hundred miles. The store replaced them and the next pair did the same thing. I am now wearing these shoes with duct tape around the uppers (I'm at a hundred and fifty miles). There have been many reports of similar problems with this shoe. Until they fix the upper, don't buy this shoe.

From: Bret, Greensboro, NC, USA

Comments: Awesome shoes. Bought these a month ago and have replaced all my other running shoes. The adjustment for the zero drop was very easy. My legs feel much better at the end of runs with these shoes than conventional shoes. The zero drop and limited cushioning really provide the feedback to run with a more efficient stride which is why I think I feel so much better at the end of runs.
From: Eric, Richland, WA

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