Altra The Paradigm Men's Shoes Black Customer feedback

Comments: Switch from Asics Nimbus to the Paradigm. It took about 3 weeks for my feet to comfortable running in these shoes. I felt pain in my arches the first few runs but became less and less with each run. I'm a heal striker trying to convert to forefoot and this shoe makes it a lot easier. I have really grown to love these shoes. They are great on trail runs - very stable footing. Perfect for forefoot runners. I'm 6'1" 195, 20 to 40 miles a week runner. I wear the same size as I did in the Asics Nimbus shoes.
From: Terry, Phoenix, AZ, USA.  October 28th 2014

Comments: I've put about 300 miles into these shoes so far. I'm 6'0" 150 lbs and I've really enjoyed this shoe so far. The shoe feels very soft underfoot without sapping too much of your momentum on footstrike. It's definitely nice having all the soreness in your muscles instead of your joints after a 20+ mile run. They're also surprisingly light for their size. The zero drop helps to keep my form and cadence from getting sloppy, and the toebox is great for wide-footed individuals like myself. My only concern is that the upper doesn't fit very snugly over the foot, even after cinching down all the laces. Still it hasn't interfered much with my runs--still injury free! I'm strongly considering running my next marathon in these.
From: Jon, Arlington, VA, USA. August 20th 2014

Comments: Just bought these shoes locally. Went out for 5 miles this morning, fastest run I've had in a while. Outer soles are a stiffer than the Olympus but it is a road shoe. The biggest surprise was the fit....I have a 9-1/2 Olympus pair and they fit well, had to go down a 1/2 size to a 9 with Paradigm because toebox was SO BIG!! Try on in a store first if you can to get correct sizing, not sure why these are so much bigger than the Olympus.
From: Todd, Lexington, KY, USA. August 5th 2014

Comments: If you're a high mileage, mid or forefoot striker, you need to try these. I wore a hole through a pair of Hoka Bondi 2s last Summer, and having now fully migrated to zero drop (but NOT minimalist), I think the Altras fill the gap well for those of us who want zero drop but still cushioned shoes. Here's how the Paradigm shoes are better than Hoka Bondi: * better outsole with actual rubber; * better upper - more flexible, feels more breathable * lighter weight * much less heel cushioning, which sticks way out on the Hokas and inhibits forefoot striking * EVA cushion is more firm and boucey, not mushy and pillow-like; easy to run fast in the Altras * wide forefoot shape * consistent size fits across shoes (9.5 in Paradigm is same 9.5 in Instincts) Overall, I'm very happy with these, providing a perfect shoe for your long distance runs and recovery runs. I rotate these these with Altra Instinct 2.0. I'm 5'11 150 and run 40-50 mpw.
From: RJ, Washington DC, USA. July 10th 2014

Comments: I have just under 100 miles in these and I'm impressed. I turn 40 this year and the Paradigm's cushioning really feels good on my daily runs. I'm 6' 1" 160 lbs. and this shoe's cushioning is something I have never felt before. I went through two pairs of Torins, and although I liked them, they didn't have the same floating on clouds feel of the Paradigm. The stack height doesn't feel weird or bulky. I've been running in 90+ degree heat and I haven't noticed my feet getting hot, so they obviously breathe well.
From: Andy, SC, USA. June 20th 2014

Comments: Really enjoyed this shoe. Took it out on a 7.5 mile run on dirt roads, trails and paved roads. Love the wide toe box, it really is like nothing else out there. They have a lot of cushioning, but are by no means soft shoes. They do not have the Hoka pillowy feel to them, but definitely have a good amount of material underfoot. The zero drop is awesome, if you're used to it. I really enjoyed running in these shoes, as they feel lighter than the Hoka's and I didn't feel like I was losing energy due to too much cushioning. Definitely would recommend them.
From: Brian, New Jersey, USA. June 3rd 2014

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