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Comments: I used to be a Nike fan, however, I switched to Asics in 2010. First wore the Nimbus 12 & loved it right away. Wore 2 pairs of 12s. Then I got the Nimbus 13. It took awhile to get used to that but I eventually loved those as well. Then I got the Nimbus 14 (of which this review is for). It took me 75 miles to finally LIKE them. However, when I wore them for my half-marathon, at mile 10 I felt like I had a huge marshmallow pushing against the ball of my foot. Was disappointed! Then on my 15 miler, I had the same problem in both feet and worse. The 14s are nice for runs of 10 miles or less. I think they have too much gel/cushion in the forefront of the shoe that irritates on longer runs. I'm also disappointed they took away the asymmetrical lacing. And the laces are TOO SHORT! I have a bit of a narrower foot (still buy the standard medium width) and I have to skip a set of eyelets to have just enough laces to do a double knot. Why can't they put in appropriate length laces!?! I have a marathon in 10 weeks...I tried on the Nimbus 15 in a store but I could feel the "marshmallows" just standing in the store. Not buying them. I have since ordered the Asics Cumulus 15 (which my understanding has less gel in the forefront) and the Asics Kinsei 4. I'm really hopeful one of those will work for longer runs otherwise I will be done buying Asics.
From: Mom, Iowa

Comments: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoe!
From: Julie, Indiana

Comments: The Nimbus 12 was the first shoe I didn't have to work through shin splints with for the first week or two of running in them. So I thought I had finally found the perfect shoe for me. So I bought multiples. Just got the Nimbus 14 today. The toe box is narrower. It even rubs the little toe on my right foot. Not sure if its just this pair or the new design is narrower altogether. I'll be sending these back.
From: Teresa, Oregon, US

Comments: Loved Asics Gel Nimbus 12 with off set laces and great cushioned feel-- Nimbus 13 not so much, could not use for running added them to pile of just "gym" shoes-- now have Nimbus 14 finished my first 10 mile run-developed medial foot blister but finished with an average time; liked the cushion without too heavy feel, but continue to miss off set lacing/foot cradle--PLEASE Asics bring it back! I am a neutral runner~ 15-20 miles/week casual runner.
From: Lisa, Michigan, US

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