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Comments: No blisters, these are the best!!! I used to wear Asics GT2150 in 7.5D, after my race distances increased past 5 miles, I began developing blisters on the inside forefoot ball of feet and outer edge of big toes from rubbing against shoes. I run more on my toes and balls of feet. I tried wrapping with tape and all sorts of things for months on end. I finally broke down and got full length prescription orthotics and after trying numerous shoes, I found the Nimbus 15, 7.5D, and I ran a half- marathon in those and no blisters!! The key I found was that the Nimbus 15 has cushion, as opposed to plastic or seams, on the inner part of the widest part of the forefoot part of the shoe, so there is nothing to rub against in that part of the shoe and no irritation in that spot now. I plan to buy several pairs of these shoes just in case they change anything in a future model of the shoe!! 
From: Jennifer, Springfield, IL, USA

Comments: I have the Asics Tri Noosas and love them but the toe box is a little too snug. I ordered these because of the reviews indicating a nice roomy toe area. They did not disappoint and the fit is roomy in the toe box but nicely fits everywhere else. I would like to mention that I need to get used to how much cushion there is. It feels like I'm running on clouds or pillows. It's different than what I'm used to but I'm sure my joints will thank me on my longer runs. I'm not a heel striker so the extra cushion shouldn't affect my form (hopefully). 
From: Alexis, SoCal, USA

Comments: I just bought the Nimbus 15 after loving the Nike Zoom Vomero 3 and 5.  Only wore them twice, feel good and fast, but tonight my left fibula hurts like it did when i broke it with a Saucony Hurricane because they're for over-pronation which i don't do. I was told they are neutral. Wonder if I should return them, I've got 4 marathons coming up. 
From: Claudia, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Comments: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoe!
From: Julie, Indiana

Comments: So far so good!!!  I am a true fan of Nimbus.  I have tried most max cushion/neutral running shoe brands and Asics just work for me.  I run 15 to 20 miles per week, monthle 5K-10K's, and 3-4 to half marathons per year and love the cushion Nimbus provide. I do miss the offset lacing of the 12's, could not run on the 13's, 14's were OK they took some time to break in and did not provide enough cushion much beyond 300 miles.  NOW the 15's seem to be major cush, wider toe box from the 14's, were ready from the first run vs. "break in time" of the 15's.  I have the Lt/pnch/Marigold color-- I like orange!  So simply, I am very happy with the Nimbus 15.
From: Lisa, Michigan

Comments: I run 15-25 miles a week... Very mild overpronator/normal. I have worn the Nimbus since the 12 was released... I would say this is my favorite version of Nimbus, so far!!! Light, very comfortable, not as narrow as the 14... It's like they took the best of the last few shoes and put them in one here. I can't say enough about how happy I am! Nimbus has never let me down... It's the only shoe I will ever run in!!!! The 15 is a wonderful shoe! Legs love them!!!
From: Tabitha, Omaha, NE, US


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