Altra Olympus Women's Shoes Gunmetal/Lime/Blue Customer feedback

Comments: Love these shoes they run a full size smaller than regular shoes. I wear a 9.5 regularly but in these a 10.5 they are a but weird when you first out them on but they absorb the shock way better than Asics and Brooks I've worn but not as high and squishy as Hoka I love these. Have yet to try on trail but as great as they feel on pavement I know they'll be nice on a easy trail too.
From: Anonymous, Spfd, OR, USA. July 30th 2014

Comments: I agree the Olympus runs a half size smaller than my Torin. I have a couple of purple toenails to show for it. I am ordering a bigger shoe now. I gradually worked into the Torin over the winter and loved the wide toe box. When I saw the Olympus, I had to try them. I have battled PF for a couple of years and thought the extra cushion wouldn't hurt. I don't know if it is the zero drop and/or the extra cushion or the stretches and foam rolling, but my PF is almost nonexistent. I do like these shoes.
From: Krystal, OK, USA. June 4th 2014

Comments: Amazing shoe! I run in saucony ride, hoka, and altra. Altra hands down my favorite shoe. Personally, I found this style to run 1/2 size smaller than the torin. Overall, I find altra to run 1/2 size smaller than hoka and saucony. I use this for road running and they are amazing. Equal cushion to hoka Kailua however more flexible. Highly recommend.
From: LJ. May 17th 2014

Comments: I really like these, but I'm going to comment because I want to make a note that if you are looking for a trail shoe that performs well in wet, slick, and muddy conditions these are not going to be it! Otherwise, they are great on trails in general and on the road I wore them for a marathon and they were fantastic.
From: Lori, OR, USA. May 19th 2014

Comments: I LOOOOOOVE these shoes! They are exactly what I have been waiting for. Zero drop with tons of cushion but not those ridiculous trendy Hoka's that I think feel completely weird. I'm a ChiRunning instructor and absolutely love the feel of the contact with the ground when I run, but I was getting sore in my ankles and achilles from the lack of cushioning in most other zero drop shoes. Yes, obviously, you don't get the same grounded feeling as with the thinner soled shoes, but you do get that fabulous Altra last with the deliciously wide toe box so that your feet can relax and spread out naturally, just as they would if you were barefoot. This is reducing the tension in my feet and ankles and the soreness is finally going away. My feet are getting noticeably stronger as a result. The shoe is still light and pleasantly springy and even though I have very narrow feet and these shoes are very roomy, I like to wear my shoes really lose anyway to encourage my feet to relax and be soft, so the wide Altra last is a huge plus for me. Thank you Altra for creating this wonderful shoe and saving me from having to try those Hokas :). Im ordering a second pair now!
From: Serena, Los Angeles, Ca USA. 2/18/14


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