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Comments: Absolutely incredible shoes right out of the box. I bought these Brooks Ghost 5's to wear for our upcoming Marathon. Pulled them right out of the box and wore them in a local 5k - PR'd the 5k and couldn't believe the stable yet soft feel of these Brooks! I'M SOLD!
From: Sean, Oxford, GA, USA

Comments: The Ghost continues to evolve nicely and I will be buying my second pair of 5's.  I just wish the outsole would last longer as other commenters have said.  It is unacceptable for a shoe from this brand and at this price point.
From: Dane, Cleveland, OH

Comments: They were too loose fitting for me and I usually fit a D no problem.
From: Martin, NJ

Comments: The heel wears out too fast, I have 100 miles on the pair I have now and they are wearing down fast. My last two pair of Ghost 3 I got over 600 miles per pair. I don't think i'll get half of that with the Ghost 5. Brooks needs to go back to the old sole.
From: Jesse, Benton, KY, USA

Comments: First the fit.. I am borderline 2E but the 9 D works fine for me. I have a high instep and no problem snugging things up. The ride... Super smooth if you are a heel striker.. I am midfoot striker and it isnt bad. Very firm ride/landing which could be due to my weight of 195 or the dna which could be firming up under my weight. Like all shoes.. not for everybody..but I would say worth a look. 
From: Derry, Potsdam, NY, USA

Comments: Picked up thethe Ghost 5s from the Runners World recommendation and used them during training for a Marathon in December 2012 and unfortunately I do not have any good things to say about them. Now, keep in mind like many things finding the right pair of running shoes is subjective and what works for everyone is different. My initial feeling was that the shoes have a very strange platform kind-of-feel, and during training the mushy/bulky heel greatly affected my gait and threw off my stride and landing. The shoes have a very unwieldy and bulky feel, I felt like I was running in a clog with these. Whenever I tried to land with my forefoot I could not quite get my normal strike down and ended up landing on the heel. To compensate for this I ended up overstriding due to the awkward landing with these shoes and compounded the problems further. After a month of using these shoes I was sidelined with retrocalcineal bursitis which caused me to miss my marathon and has resulted in a lot of problems with my gait and stride for the past three months that has necessitated a complete re-working of my lower body running form. I must say I am not blaming the shoes for this, I should have realized that they were not working for me and junked them a lot sooner. The moral of my story is: If you are a midfoot striker like me who is increasing your mileage I would be wary of going to these shoes as they seem to be built and may encourage heel striking, so do your research and wear what feels comfortable!

My Stats: Height: 5'8 Weight: 160 Weekly Mileage: 35-40 (with a healthy dose of hills) Half Marathon Time: 1:30 Midfoot striker (normally, these shoes turned me into a heel striker) 
From: JR, California

Comments: Utilized the Ghost 4s during my recent 2012 Chicago Marathon 20-week Training Program. I am an avid Brooks fan, and used 2 pairs of Ghost 4s during my marathon training in 2012. Wore my Ghost 4s with 450 miles on them - for the Chicago Marathon with ZERO discomfort or injury (other running buddies thought I was nuts for running in shoes with that many miles - but, I was confident in my Ghost - and they did not disappoint). New Ghost 5s have improved on the weight and "snugness" - but still the best long-mileage running shoe in my opinion. Easily completed 26.2 in a pair of Ghosts.
From: John, Florida

Comments: Rated Editor's Choice by Competitor Magizine, it's difficult to get a handle on what the Ghost 5 shoe is really all about with a Factory Rep. holding it in his hands and just talking about it, those types of demo's don't relate. I applaude your new videos where actual runners are using the shoe and discussing it's merits after a run in the actual shoe.
From: Robert, Charleston, WV

Comments: The new Ghost 5 is definitely lighter and feels better in the forefoot for cushioning. I like the new lacing system too, where the top eyelets have tiny additions to snug up the shoe. My biggest issue is the shoe has a softer outsole and I wore through the left heel right down to the mid-sole after only 100 miles of running. I will not be buying the Ghost again until they change back to a better wearing outsole and have switched to the Asics Nimbus.
From: Clint, Camarillo, Ca, USA.

Comments: A more smooth ride with the full length crash pad and good cushion without being too soft.  good stuff!
From: Charles


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