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Comments: This is the fourth generation of Adrenaline GTS that I have owned and I have to say that it's the perfect shoe for me. I would be classified as a moderate over pronator. Now, mind you I didn't WANT to like this shoe - it's relatively heavy, has a high heel/toe drop and isn't terribly sexy. I really wanted to like the lighter, faster, sleeker neutral shoes out there, and I tried a ton of them. Unfortunately, every other shoe I have tried either hurts my knee or ankle, gives me blisters or isn't cushioned enough. The Adrenaline 13 has given me absolutely no problems. I run injury-free and blister-free. I've done marathons, 5k's and every distance in between and my trusty Adrenalines have been there the whole time. So, I don't want to love these shoes but I do. Hopefully Brooks doesn't make any radical changes to future models because I'd have to look for a successor. Well done on the Adrenalines! Please, oh please Brooks, give these shoes some more visual appeal. Crazy colors, weird designs... Something. Anything. Just add a little more visual spice to the design.
From: Dave, California

Comments: I've had the 11s and the 12s. I'm coming back to Brooks for the 13s after trying a different brand. It was not worth saving $30 on a different shoe. 
From: Matt, Tuscaloosa, Al, USA

Comments: I have been wearing the Kayano 18 Asics shoe for a while and overall I have been satisfied; however in my research, I kept noticing that Brooks had been getting great reviews. Since I am a heavy set male that weighs in excess of two hundred and fifty pounds, I entered that information at Brooks and they suggested the GTS 13 which are very comfortable but they give to much on the top of the shoe which makes me wear them on the side. I am extremely disappointed and I don't think I should even wear them anymore. I have only walked approximately eight times and the bottom is holding up but the top does not support a heavy person. I believe Brooks made a bad suggestion in the GTS13.
From: Ralph, Donalsonville, GA, USA

Comments: Currently running in the Brooks Trance 11 (and have run in the Adrenaline 11's) and was looking for a lighter cushioned support shoe for shorter/faster workouts. I found what I was looking for in the Adrenaline 13! Heel has a great feel with plenty of cushioning without being mushy and the shoe definitely has the support I need- I am a medium overpronator with flat arches. Will probably get another pair soon.
From: Mac, New Orleans, LA

Comments: Perfect shoe- supportive, smooth transition, and very comfortable. Great cosmetics. Total package for this fitness fanatic.
From: Greg, Gainesville, FL

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