Brooks PureCadence 3 Men's Shoes Caribbean/Black/Red Customer feedback

Comments: I have a previous generation of this shoe and loved it. I put some high milage on the shoe and it performed great. Everything from a short 5k to 20 mile training run this shoe was very comfortable. I'm a mid foot runner after having two knee replacements and I was able to keep running with these shoes. The one thing that bothered me was that the tongue would always slide to the side. Not enough to be bothersome but it did. With this generation they addressed this and attached one side of the tongue. I wear a 10.5 normally but I run in an 11. These are true to size, light weight and medium cushion with a low ride.
From: Ron, Harrisburg, PA, USA. June 8th 2014

Comments: I am a long time lurker of Running Warehouse for their snapshot information that makes it easy to compare shoes. I recently changed running forms from a light heel striker to mid-foot runner after issues with the ole' knees. I ran 400+ in Mizuno Inspires giving just a tad or motion control for the pronation issues. I love(d) these shoes. I was looking for something lighter, less heel drop and more of a minimalist line. I visited a local store that had just brought these out (version 3 that is)... and loved he feel. I left with high hopes that the money spent (still not accustomed to spending this much on shoes but know that it is is money well spent). I love this shoe! There - I said it. Certainly it is lighter and has a totally different feel to it than the big-boys. It kind reminds me of the track shoes I wore in High School eons ago in some ways. There is an interesting feel in the mid-foot in that there seems to be just the right amount of cushion that seems to highlight this part of the shoe. There also is a slight amount of motion control built in for those times when I revert back to old habits (though the difference in the makeup of the shoe quickly remind you to get off of your heel). It really has a sweet spot in the mid-foot - no other way I can express it. So, if you are a pro that has worn out older versions of the Cadence, I hope you like the changes to the new. As for me, this is my first Cadence after my first love of the Mizunos. I have only a few miles of shorter runs (4-5 miles each) on these Brooks as I am adapting to the running form, but I am anxious to keep piling on the miles. I already an looking for coupons or a sale to get another set in my closet for when these start to while a bit with mileage (gotta love a bargain). Thanx for listening... gotta run! Ha!!
From: Jerry, Little Rock, AR US

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