Brooks PureConnect 3 Men's Shoes White/Electric Customer feedback

Comments: They feel good. Stable, relatively light, and just enough cushion for me. After 6 months of road training and racing I am pleased.

From: Anonymous. October 12th 2014

Comments: Agree on the Connect 3's being larger. They are also heavier and have more cushioning. All combined, they ruined one of the best shoes ever. Sending them back.
From: Kevin, Atlanta, GA, USA. May 29th 2014

Comments: I've run in the PureConnect 1 and 2, and I have to say, the 3rd version is definitely my favorite. Actually, it might be my favorite shoe ever. My feet are on the narrow side with a high arch, so the previous versions were good for my feet. In addition, I've had difficulty finding other shoes that I could go long distances in without developing hotspots and or blisters because of excessive movement (this includes Kinvaras and the Adios boost). The PC 3 feels like it was made for my foot. There is more room in the toe compared to the 2, which is welcomed. The navband is soft and unobtrusive too. After a short run to test them out, I was able to do several long runs (16 to 18 miles) without any chafing or hotspots. This is the first shoe I've found that does this. The sole on the 3 is slightly thicker than the previous versions and provides slightly more support without losing ground-feel. These are definitely a winner!
From: Mike, Tampa, FL, USA. 3/14/14

Comments: I ordered the same size as both pairs of my PureConnect 2's and the 3's were much larger. Going to try a half size down but that may not be enough.
From: Jeff, York, NE, USA

Comments: After reading so many great reviews of the pureconnect 1 & 2, I held off purchasing because of complaints regarding the narrow toe box. I've previously run in Merrell Trail Glove and Bare Access 2 (among many other low-drop/minimal style shoes), with amazing wide toe box. I was pretty excited to hear the pureconnect 3 was redesigned with a wider box. I can confirm that the box is wider -- not as wide as my Merrells, but not unduly narrow either. When I stand naturally, my toes do not feel at all squished, but when I purposely splay my toes as wide as possible, I do push against the sides of the shoes -- fortunately, the material is soft and flexible. I did order a half size up (as recommend by the shoefitr app) from what I normally wear, and I would recommend rounding up a half size if toe box width is important to you. Running in these shoes is very nice. They offer a lot of cushion despite a relatively low profile. Again, compared to the Merrell Bare Access 2 -- which had a very firm ride -- these pureconnect 3 are much more cushioned without being overly soft or floaty. I bought these shoes with the intent of putting a lot miles on them, and I'm confident I found the right shoe. With my Injinji socks and my lock laces, I think i'll be able to log some serious miles without blisters or strain -- looking forward to it! I found no issues with the arch or other features of this shoe. Of course, everyone's foot and preferences are slightly different, but I have no problems. The shoe retains the "burrito wrap" style of the pure connect 2, just with the lacing on top instead of the side. Finally, the styling of these shoes are pretty good. Maybe its just me, but the vast majority of running shoes are hideously ugly. Here, the brooks logo is small and subtle, the white and blue look great together, and the dark soles cover areas that will get scuffed anyway (I've never understood white or light colored soles). If you're into low-drop/minimal running and just want a little more cushion, I can recommend these ones. I think Brooks has another winner on their hand.
From: Sam, Royal Oak, MI, USA

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