Pearl Izumi EM Trail M2 Men's Shoes Grey/Black Customer feedback

Comments: I'm 6' 155lb neutral runner with high arches and have been trail running fairly seriously for about 30 years. I've run in more trail and quasi trail shoes than I can count and was a huge fan of the PI Fuel XCs, which could handle everything from fast tempo runs to ankle-breaking downhills on scree (though they could have used a touch more tread). The EMs feel lower to the ground than the Fuels and have a touch better feel, but they are not as stable or fast as the Fuel XCs were, perhaps because you can't lock down the EMs comfortable upper as much. The odd thing about the EMs is I am a midfoot striker (my running shoes never show heel wear) and these should have been great for me based on the advertising. But the Emotion EM's design is just off for me, forcing me either slightly onto my toes or back onto my heels. It's not a lot, but it alters my stride slightly and after a couple of months of running in these I pulled my calf and am now recovering..grrr. It could be a coincidence/too many hills/speed etc, but I think I gave them a good shot. This shoe is just not going to work for my stride. I'll keep them in my rotation for shorter trail runs (once I fully heal), but I won't be buying another pair of Emotions.
From: Brent, VT, USA. July 24th 2014

Comments: Perfect all around trail shoe. Enough cushioning and stability for any distance (and still fairly lightweight). Decent grip on a variety of terrain and the rockplate will save your feet. The shoes has a nice transition for midfoot strikers. I used them on a week long trip to Arizona and they were pure heaven on mountain trails in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon! The M2 Trail - and other EM trail shoes - are the best so far from Pearl Izumi. Finally their Colorado roots are providing great trail shoes!
From: David, Ashburn, VA, USA. April 30th 2014

Comments: this shoe has a great feeling upper,love the laces,it has a good width in the fore foot ,the heel fit is good .I would describe the feel under foot as firm.Running warehouse must be measuring the drop wrong this is a 4mm drop so the shoe has a flat feel and will take time for your calfs to adjust if you have been running in more conventional shoes great shoe
From: Rick, USA. 3/19/14

Comments: I'm in love! After about 5 years of being 100% loyal to my Cascadia's I decided to try something new after a few too many ankle rolls. The shoes are amazingly comfy and I get a lot of feedback for the cushion - (I'm reviewing the M2's only here)... Only negative that I can come up with is that they like to eat wear the gaiters if you hit a dusty trail. Recommendation is to size up about a half a size. I was a 11.5 in Cascadia's and had to go up to 12's. I get about 400-450 miles out of them - another 50-100 for treadmill or street use. 6'1" - Race weight about 170-175 lbs and hibernation winter weight around 185.
From: Dustin, Inland Empire, CA, USA. 2/18/14

Comments: these shoes Rock!! Feel broken in right out of the box, took them on a nice 15 mile trail run for the first run and they performed phenomanally!! big Kudos TO RunningWarehouse..I Placed my order on a friday and reccieved them on Saturday just in time for my weekly long run.
From: Francisco, East Rancho Dominguez Ca U.S.

Comments: I don't run the trails a lot, but often enough to warrant buying a trail shoe. I went with these, as I am a fan of the Emotion Series Road shoes. I found these to be great. No hot spots or blisters and the cushion is decent. I didn't feel rocks most of the time, but every now and then on super rocky trails I do feel a few of the rocks. But not enough to get rock bruises.
From: John, Kaysville, UT, USA

Comments: I really wanted to love these shoes. The upper is fantastic, they're very comfortable and supportive, and the E:Motion system isn't a gimmick--they're super smooth on the toe-off. But they have a serious downside: traction on rocks that are moist, smooth, or tilted (which describes a lot of what I run on) is bad to the point of being nearly suicidal. The rubber is just too hard, which will undoubtedly make them very durable, but which creates terror on the trail like no other. I'm going back to the La Sportiva Helios and relegating these to asphalt, carriage roads, and really dry conditions. If PI puts sticky rubber on this series, they'll be awesome.
From: Henry, Highland, NY

Comments: The perfect shoe, really. I've never felt more secure on the trail and comfortable on pavement than with the PI EM Trail M2. The arch support is perfect, even for my extremely flat feet. It's unobtrusive and disappears beneath your feet, but definitely does it's job. I also love that there is high density foam laterally. It prevents your foot from sliding off the sole when canted, and prevents rolled ankles. Your toes won't hit the toe box on descents. The sausage laces are awesome. Plenty of cushion in the heel for bombing down hills and plenty of grip and protection in the forefoot for climbing back up them. Upper breaths exceptionally well. Go 1/2 size up from what Shoefitr says.
From: Sam, Cary NC

Comments: These shoes are freakin awesome! I have run in a large number of trail shoes and the closest I came to my perfect shoe was the puregrit, until now. The fit is secure from heel to midfoot and roomy enough in the toebox. This may be the first shoe that my foot does not slide around in. The grip is amazing and the cushioning is perfect. Don't let the "M" scare you away. The "N" just didnt have enough cushioning for me and I didn't like the fit so I'm glad I gave these a try.
From: Kelly, Arden, NC, USA

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