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Comments: Had 2 pairs of Bondi 2's that ripped on the side. Got these and though the improved materials, it feels quite different. I cut off the elastic bands on the tongue and used regular laces to get the fit I needed. Bottom of the shoes seems to wear quickly, at least aesthetically. Overall with the personal modifications and about 80-100 miles on them, they feel good.
From: Bri, Fremont, CA, USA. August 4th 2014

Comments: I should have checked out the reviews before I bought the Bondi 3 to replace my Bondi 2's (which I loved). The Bondi 3 is much wider than the previous version and don't hold my feet as well no matter how tight I cinch the shoes. My feet were moving around way too much. Also, the area around the ankle is different--loose. With my feet moving around so much, combined with a loose fitting ankle area, I experienced painful rubbing. Hoka really missed the boat on this one.
From: Matt, Chesterfield, MO, USA. August 1st 2014

Comments: The Bondi 2 was my all-time favorite shoe for long runs. It was light, comfortable, had massive amounts of cushion, low drop, name it. I recently picked up a pair of Bondi 3's to replace my trusty 2's. All I know is that they took a brilliant shoe and made it unusable. The upper is different and is now stiff. It doesn't feel nearly as cushioned. Worst of all they gave me blisters. In my entire running career this is the first shoe to give me blisters. Oh, and the speed laces? Terrible. I returned the shoe and am going to check out the Stinson and Conquest. Hopefully one of them has the mojo of the Bondi 2. I'm so disappointed with this shoe.
From: Dave, San Francisco, CA, USA. June 20th 2014

Comments: With just under a hundred miles, I am almost completely through the tread at the midfoot.
From: Anonymous. June 12th 2014

Comments: I like them but I've only ran probably around 120 miles on them and the tread is going on the bottom. They won't last as long as other shoes I've had.
From: Matt, Solvang, CA, USA. June 2nd 2014

Comments: I purchased this new Hoka model and have been an avid Hoka user for the last 3+ years. A major concern I have for this specific model is the material that resides just under the ankle. This section of the shoe rubs against both ankles, creating enough discomfort under the ankle to rate this Hoka a "caution". After a few miles both ankles are sore from the constant rubbing. I have not had this issue with any other Hoka model.
From: Lee, Granite Bay, CA, USA. May 13th 2014

Comments: My Hokas Bondi 3 are awesome. I use them for road and trail. They hold up to the high mileage very well!
From: JP. May 7th 2014

Comments: Though the fit was wide and because the material is so soft, it didnt hold the foot securely. Because of this, I didnt keep them so I cant comment any further.
From: Joe, NJ, USA. May 2nd 2014



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