HOKA Huaka Men's Shoes White/Blue/Lime Customer feedback

Comments: These are my new favorite shoes already after logging approximately 60 miles on them. I replaced the original insoles with Currex Sole RunPro. I only use these shoes for weekend long runs. I have other shoes I rotate into throughout the week, so I'm not really putting daily wear and tear on these shoes. I was worried about the uppers offering enough ventilation based on reviews of other Hokas, but they turned out to be more breathable than expected. I just hope the uppers hold up over time.
From: Anonymous. St. Louis, MO, USA. September 7th 2014

Comments: Great feeling shoe, but that may be all! After 40 initial miles the bottoms of the shoes are already wearing out significantly. The upper coating, plastic type material on the outer of the shoe are peeling away from the main fabric, catching everything from small twigs to rocks. The shoe is built very poorly and cheap for a very expensive shoe. Nice feel out of the box and while running so far, to bad they don't last.
From: Orin, OR, USA. September 3rd 2014

Comments: An update to my comments above--to give an example of how stable these shoes are, I walked all around Buenos Aires with them (i.e., concrete) last week (and ran around Buenos Aires, too, as well as did an hour and a half run in them in on more of a trail surface). No problem walking in them, wearing them back during traveling, running in them, etc. I couldn't imagine doing this in the Bondi and the other Hoka shoes that I've owned. Love them.
From: Anonymous. IN, USA. August 25th 2014

Comments: I love them. They are very light, and after a few runs they seem to adapt to the impression of my foot (I wouldn't replace or even take out the insoles in these because they seem to mold with the foot--after running I can feel my foot impression on the insoles), and the low drop actually does (unlike other low drop running shoes) help support a more forefront landing. In my opinion, calling them 'game changing' is accurate, not only for Hoka but for the running shoe industry. They are far, far more stable than the bondi and the previous Hokas, but only slightly less cushioned. (I can actually walk in these, too--I even race walk a little in them, which would have been impossible in the Bondi and for other reasons in many other running shoes.) With almost 30 years running behind me I'd rate them in the top three running shoes that I've had. They really are innovative; there is nothing like them out there nor has there been. Hoka did a really good job of innovation with creating and making these. The designers should be congratulated. They are my standard running shoe now. I'll buy another pair in the future.
From: Anonymous, IN, USA. August 14th 2014

Comments: So I did three runs in the shoe and decided to return them. The main reason being twofold: 1) The insoles are completely useless on any steep downhills. They slide forward to the front of the shoe and are probably the flimsiest I have ever seen. So midway through the third run I took them out and threw them away. This wasn't a deal-breaker for the shoe as I could find new insoles, until... 2) The overlays are tearing apart from the mesh upper already after only 35 miles. From the amount they have already broken down I can't imagine the upper is going to last very long. So while I loved the ride and responsive cushioning of the shoe I just don't trust that it will last and is worth $150. If they fix the upper I'll go back to the shoe.
From: Anonymous. August 1st 2014

Comments: Fantastic shoe. I have over 100 miles with my first pair and ordered a second pair. Shoe runs true to size I wear 11.5 in most shoes and the 11.5 fit great. I have used this shoe on trail runs and street runs and it works great. Highly recommend this shoe for someone wanting light weight and great cushioning.
From: George, Manteca, CA, USA. July 26th 2014

Comments:My first impressions of the Huaka are that it's more flexible than the Rapa Nui 2 with a less restrictive and wider toebox. The stack height feels similar but the cushioning doesn't feel as firm. At least not when walking around in them. I think the Huaka feels pretty cushy. Not nearly as cushy as say the Clifton (or Stinson obviously) but that's due to the RMAT midsole I assume. It's supposed to be more responsive while yet retaining a high level of cushion and I think that will be the case. The upper and heel collar really shine on this shoe out of the box. As usual though the speed lacing system is not for everybody, especially those with narrow feet. Hoka provides normal laces as well in the box should you want to cut the speed laces out. After a few runs in them I'll update the review.
From: Anonymous. July 24th 2014

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