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Comments: Love love love these. I tried the Mafate's first and they were a bit too much shoe for me. I also found them too tight around the toes, and stiff as a board, so without the Mafates ever leaving the first floor of my house I returned them and bought the Stinsons. I had me a few Ultra runners in an Ultra I ran back in May with the Hokas. They all spoke glowingly so I figured what the hey I'll try them out. After the disappointment with the Mafate's I was nervous with the Stinsons. I put them on immediately and knew it was much better right away. My take aways, they fit 1/2 size small. I needed a 10.5 where I typically used a 10 in Saucony Triumphs, and Asics Gel-Scouts. The traction on wet rocks is phenomenal. I'm blown away by how good it is. I ran a technical run as my 3rd run in them and they performed well. They're no heavier than my Triumphs, without a scale I'd say equal. As another reviewer said the lateral support is all but non-existent so if you require alot of lateral support, buyer beware. I've run in minimalist, non-cushioned, medium cushion and maximum cushioned shoes...nothing compares to the Hokas. I've only had them 2wks, I've run 5X and have purposely ran long days before technical runs to see if it's true about your legs feeling fresh. I am tough on shoes, and picky as heck...and these are awesome. I ran a 30k today, have another planned for tomorrow and am not afraid as my legs feels great already. Not sure what else I can say...I'm a convert after only 5 runs. They're a bit pricey, I'd like to see that come down a bit, but for comfort, there is nothing like them.
From: Ron, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I'll agree with most people who've run in Hokas that they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever run in. I liken it to running in high-cushion road shoes on a soft, spongy track. It's pretty amazing. No break-in needed. They look bulky, but they don't feel that way when running fast.

Misc observations:

Limited lateral support, most notable running off-camber sections or making a sharp switchback turn going downhill

Comes with two insoles- one flat and the other with pretty decent arch support; for those needing more arch support, the Superfeet inserts work well (I used Orange version).

Despite the cushion, the heel-toe drop is 4 mm, and the shoes do not necessarily encourage a heel strike; the one caveat is if you get 'lazy' or slow on downhills, the heel-strike is comfy. Drainage is average, at best.

I've seen weight set anywhere from 9 to 11 oz- all I can say is they feel as light as my Montrail Mountain Masochists

Comes with speed/quick lacing similar to Salomon's (though not as "speedy"), but those only come up to the second-from-the-top eyelet; normal laces are also provided if you prefer a tighter heel (cut the speed laces at the bottom in case you change your mind later)

Gripped as well as other shoes on summer trail, inlcuding very technical (no runs in mud- it will be hard to take $135 shoes out in mud!) I love(d) the Mountain Masochist, but after a few runs, I definitely feel less wear and tear on my legs running in the Hokas. Hopefully I'll feel the same during/after an ultra. I also hope they'll survive the wear and tear of the trail- time will tell.
From: Jimmy, Midwest, USA

Comments: Sold on Hokas. Bought a 2nd pair of the Stinson EVO after running hundreds of miles on road and trail and they finally lost their cushion. Best shoes for my aching feet ever. First Name: Soapy
From: Soapy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Comments: All i have to say is ah-mazing. This is my third pair of Hokas and i can't get enough of them! SO MUCH SUPPORT! After my strenuous marathon I won as a teenager, I decided to take up trail running. I don't even feel any pressure on my feet when trail running with these shoes. Now that i think of it, i can't even feel my feet at all when running. Great shoes, great Hokas. I love Hokas!
From: Ozi Gutierez, Los Osos, California, USA

Comments: Narrower with a softer midsole than the Bondi's, the Evo Trail lugs are perfect for road and most trails. The outsole wears much better than the Bondis'. I have 300 miles on them and hope get get another 2-300.
From: David, Ashburn, VA

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