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Comments: I purchased the Inov-8 Road X-Treme 188s about three weeks ago and have used them for runs from 3 to 15 miles. I really enjoy this shoe. About me/my feet: I have a narrow foot w/a high arch. I have been slowly transitioning over the past two years to more minimal shoes (drop and features). I run about 40 miles a week. The Shoes: This will sound weird but these shoes feel better when you run in them than when you are just wearing them around. Hard to explain but when I got them and first tried them on I wasn't too exited but I am impulsive so I took them out for 5 miles... and I really, really liked how they rode. They are firm but not jarring; it was easy to make adjustments in the shoe and after my first run there were no blisters, hot spots, nothing. If you like a cushioned ride/shoe this is probably not the shoe for you -- even though it offers the most cushion of the Inov-8 Road line. The sole is interesting as there is no real individual treads or pattern. It's basically smooth and flat. Not sure how that affects the ride, if at all, but thought I would mention it. The shoe fits great in the heel and has ample room in the toe-box. Again, I have a narrow foot but despite the wide toe-box the shoes have a snug fit parts that count. The lacing system on the shoes works well and helps keep them comfortable around my foot and they stay tied. Also, the shoes seem well constructed. While they are pretty light, they are far from flimsy. It is probably my gait (which isn't the most efficient) but if I could make one change, I think I might like a bit more cushion in the forefoot. Not sure I have my design concepts correct but could this be done with a lower drop? Overall: Again, I really, really like this shoe. It might not be my "go to shoe" for long runs (15+) but I really like it for anything from 3-12 miles. Smooth and comfortable. I am surprised more people aren't getting on-board with Invo-8!
From: Meghan, Boston, MA

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