Inov-8 X-talon 212 Precision Men's Shoes Black/Orange Customer feedback

Comments: This might sound a little crazy, but the X-Talon 212's are my first and only pair of Inov-8's so far. A guy that lives in town bought them and was just going on and on about them, so eventually I decided to check them out for myself. I've put close to 50 miles in these so far and my initial impression is extremely positive.

1. Fit - I don't have narrow feet, but I would say the width of my foot is close to the norm. The shoe fits like a glove. Some reviewers have commented these are only good for narrow feet. Not sure I fit that category, but I wear an 8.5 with average width and they are honestly a perfect fit with plenty of room in the toebox.

2. Sole - As has been said already, it's extremely thin. This is a big positive when climbing rocky terrain as these shoes grip great with the big lugs on the outsole. The only time I have slipped in 5 runs in these is on wet/icy wooden bridges and platforms; to be expected. The flip side of this is I have actually come close to bruising the bottom of my foot on some sharp, protruding rocks in some technical terrain.

3. Weight - What can you say other than they are about as light as you could possibly expect in a trail shoe.

4. Laces - I have double knotted them from the beginning and it hasn't been an issue. All in all, this is a terrific shoe. I've been running in them once a week at Mammoth Cave National Park and they have made me look forward to lacing them up each and every weekend. I think I'm going to move this to my trail race shoe and place a pre- order on the 2013 Trailroc 235's. The X-Talon 212's have blown me away and I am excited to try another Inov-8 trail shoe.
From: P.J., Bowling Green, KY

Comments: I've been running in these for a couple of months now on some fairly rough trails and I've enjoyed them a great deal.  The 3 biggest positives I've found are that they are very low in weight, have a quick drying upper, and an excellent fit for my narrow feet. The soles are thin on these shoes, so running over rocks between golf ball and softball size can be a little painful. Also, stay off asphalt if you want the lugs to last.
From: Tony, Nashville, TN

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