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Comments: These shoes are definitely different. I purchased them after watching a number of karhu's videos and I have to say that "efficient" is definitely the word to describe them; however being an experienced forefoot striker these shoes weren't for me. I really liked the wide toe box on the shoe, and the minimalist upper that was very breathable. There is also a lot of cushion under the forefoot, but this cushioning system is very firm. After putting 30 miles in them the cushion showed no signs of breaking in, and was just to firm for my liking. Also when my stride would get lazy and I would land more mid foot, the fulcrum insert would feel like it was punishing my arch with how hard it is. It's no wonder you'd want to stay toward your forefoot. If you like a firm ride with a shoe that sort of guides your gait cycle, then this shoe my work for you.
From: Charles, Helotes, TX

Comments: I bought these on a friend's recommendation, he couldn't say enough good things about them. I put about 30 miles on them the first week, alternating days with my go-to trainer at the time, and have about 90 on them now. The next week they were the new go-to's, there's something really smooth about them. I am a mid-foot striker who gets lazy and sometimes hits the heel and it seems regardless of position these shoes help transition my foot through the whole motion. They almost propel you forward. Upper fits well, I have only worn them with socks as I don't run without them so I can't comment on how they would be sockless. The only con is that I had a couple blisters after my first run, but it was a one-day (7 mile) break-in and it really could have been due to the heat and humidity. Plus the color, the scream/blue, is fantastic, it's awesome. I liked these so much I bought the trail version and was just as happy.
From: Mic, West Hartford, CT

Comments: These are one of those shoes that hooks you a few miles into your first run with them. They are firm, but not punishing (like, say the first NB MR10s), with a nice bit of resiliency added. The fulcrum "technology" actually seems to function really well. You find yourself seeking out a midfoot strike - and when you do the footfall is silent and very smooth. The denser material that the fulcrum is made of adds a bit of stability that this neutral runner found rather pleasing. It's hard to describe, but your feet just feel solid and still as they go through the gait. The upper is nice and smooth on top of your foot, with nothing in the way of hotspots. Most people will want to hook a lace through the rearmost spot if you don't want slippage. Overall, this is a wonderful shoe - particularly if you want something that's no-nonsense, in the range of firmness of a Mizuno, and brings a unique sensation to the table in terms of the fulcrum-affected footstrike (very pleasing when you're running economically). An impressive effort from a company that hasn't even warranted being on my radar in the past. Check out the trail shoes built on the same platform as well!
From: Joel, Austin, TX, USA

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