La Sportiva Bushido Men's Shoes Yellow/Black Customer feedback

Comments: Very disapointed by the shoes. Sure they have a good grip, they are very light, dynamic and perform well on all kind of field. But come on, 100k and the sole was already falling apart.
From: HK. October 9th 2014

Comments: Simply the best trail running shoes I have ever used. Low to the ground, not to heavy, extremely grippy on wet surfaces (let's face it, all trai shoes do more than fine on dry surfaces, it's the humid/wet rocks and tree roots that send you face down). The climbing sticky rubber that la Sportiva uses on these is very sticky indeed. They are a bit stiff, particularly if you are used to run in something like Inov8, but they get a bit more flexible after some dozens of miles. They gave me blisters on the internal side of the heels, but after a couble of runs the problem was resolved. And they performed greatly for me during the Sierre Zinal race in Switzerland (which has a wide variety of terrain (soft, muddy, dirt, rocky, lungs-shattering uphills and quads-shattering downhills).
From: Gabriel, Switzerland. August 14th 2014

Comments: Loved this shoe, but for my purposes (thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail) it didn't suit me. I put 800 miles on the Ultra Raptors, and the Bushidos were less cushioned and much lighter-weight. The heel pocket is great as is traction and stability, but the lower amount of cushioning caused more foot pain over long distances day in and day out, and the heel is lined with cloth vs the Raptor's faux leather that reduced friction, so I got some heel chafing unless I wore them slightly looser. I'd definitely choose this shoe for shorter runs or activities where all-day support isn't needed. That's the trade off here-performance (bushido) vs all-day every day comfort (ultra raptor). Both are very protective and confidence-inspiring otherwise.
From: Eric, Washington, DC, USA. June 23rd 2014

Comments: Great Shoe. I got a hot spot in the heel, but after running about 20 miles with a piece of moleskin I removed it and no problems. Fantastic in all conditions they shine on technical terrain but also roll just fine on buffed trails, some say overkill but for me they are fine. I would like to point out because I really rely on RW's product descriptions, They offer Moderate Cushioning and a Semi Firm ride. The cushioning is great for all distances. I have a narrow low volume foot, run 50 miles a week in the Wasatch Mountains and Roads.
From: Nick, SLC, UT, USA. April 26th 2014

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