Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Women's Shoes Sla/Aq/Aur Customer feedback

Comments: I used to wear a shoe mizuno made called the Mizuno Wave Nexus which was my favorite shoe in the world. Sadly they stopped making them, but they do make the Wave Inspire 10 which is different from the Nexus but still just as light and supportive. They are comfortable to wear for anything from up-tempo runs to 12 mile long runs. One warning: these shoes took some breaking into for me, but after 2 weeks they felt great! I love that the toebox is roomy, but not too roomy and that the heel doesn't slip.

Comments: I miss the Inspire 9 : (. I'm running in the 10s but they feel very different and I'm not loving them. My feet seem to move around more inside the shoe creating hot spots I never felt in the 9s. Also I miss the springy feel of the 9, these feel flat and less responsive to my foot strike. I also have a new pair of Brooks Ravenna 5s that feel the same. I'm not sure what to look at now but I want my Inspire 9s back!!
From: Kat, NH, USA. April 25th 2014

Comments: Why did they have to fix what wasn't broken? I LOVED the Inspire 9. The new toe box is too wide, to much overcorrection, and awful fabric. One of the things I loved about the 9, was the open weave mesh. Thankfully the person that did my new fitting recommended the neural version of the Inspire. Mizuno, stick with what works.
From: Suzanne, Dallas, TX, USA. April 18th 2014

Comments: Why is it that if something is working for you the company has to go and change it completely!? I LOVED The Inspire and have worn it for years. Models 6-9 have served me well. Helped me so much I even got rid of my plantar fasc thanks to the slight heel drop. Now? BOO! Hate the 10 and I sent them back. Back to the drawing board. Lame, Mizuno.
From: Ashley, Dallas, TX, USA. April 10th 2014

Comments: Mizuno ruined the Inspire by taking too much away from the upper and making the toe box too wide. I have worn the Inspire since model 6 and bought 10 and wore them on a 6 mile run and got a huge blister on the top of my foot because the toe box was too loose and the edging around the shoe laces inside the shoe rubbed on my foot. I have worn Mizunos since 2006, but now have to find a new shoe because the only other options for over-pronators are too heavy. Boo Mizuno, booo! (size 9.5)
From: Laura, Albany, NY. 4/1/14

Comments: Best iteration of the Inspire that Mizuno has ever designed. I've been a fan of the shoe since version 4, but the changes made in the 7 and 8 were not for the better, and not working for me. I was ready to jump ship, but decided to give the 10's a try. Glad I did. All good changes...Comfort, stability and support are perfect, and they feel even lighter than previous models. I will put a couple pair of these on the shelf, in case Mizuno decides to change things up again. This is my perfect shoe!
From: Jill, Dayton, OH. 2/25/14


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