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Comments: I'm about 4 months into these shoes now. These are my first pair of traditional running shoes after running in minimalist shoes for 4 years. I was afraid of starting a new relationship with a traditional shoe because they have so much extra bulk, but due to increasing mileage, it was time. So far, I love them. There was no "break-in" period with these, they fit me well immediately (over-pronater). The longest run I have taken them on so far is a 13mi, and my feet feel fine-the shoes seem to be a good balance of nimble & sleek, yet cushioned. I do about 40 miles a week and these shoes suit me perfectly for everyday use. As with the previous reviews, I concur that the top mesh does in fact wear out easily-I first noticed it about 3 months into the pair. I usually use that as an indication that I need a new pair of shoes, but I don't feel that's the case with these. Overall, great shoes; aesthetically with the mesh issue can use some improvements. I'll probably try out the Sayonara 2 that just came out.
From: Lindsay, Orange County, CA, USA. September 4th 2014

Comments: I was really disappointed in these shoes. They wore out so quickly. I got holes in the uppers and on the sides after less than 2 months. I wanted to get my money's worth out of them so I kept running in them and just managed to make my knees and shins hurt. The worst thing I can say though is that I was amazed how quickly these shoes got holes in the uppers. I've never owned a pair of shoes where that has happened before. Very disappointing. I had been in love with my wave precisions and these were an awful replacement.
From: Dawnery, Dallas, TX, USA. 4/5/14

Comments: I'm not brand loyal but after wearing the Precision 13 in different colors for my last couple of marathons, I decided to order the Sayonara for my next marathon. I run on the balls of my feet/forefront so I really didn't need all of the heel action in the Precision 13s. However, I loved the amount of room in the the toe box area of the Precision 13. When I'm on the road for long runs I wear the Adidas Boost. The Adidas boost has a sturdy solid base and is great for street runs but I wanted something with a little more bend under my feet. I thought about wearing my Adidas Adios (original version) but after 13 miles or so I can feel the road under my feet...which is a no no for me. The Sayonara was a perfect blend of bend and sturdiness for the entire duration of my marathon. I never felt like I was running barefoot and the energy return was excellent. I highly recommend the Sayonara. It is a fabulous sneaker...but note it is not roomy in the front like the Precision 13. I've only worn it three times so I can't comment on how long they'll hold up...keeping my fingers crossed that I will not see holes in the mesh anytime soon.

From: Kimmie, Bklyn, NY USA


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