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Comments: I decided to get a pair of these after being thoroughly happy with my 2 pairs of MR00. Unfortunately the MT00 is not as comfortable and I am getting some abrasion after running on dirt/grass trails for only a couple of kilometres with it (sockless). The plastic mesh that is build around the entire shoe is quite uncomfortable but is definitely a tougher material as compared to the fabric mesh used on MR00. Maybe this shoe needs to go with socks.
From: Freddie, Singapore

Comments: The toebox is slightly too narrow for me in the D width, and I know my little toes are going to blow out the side right away, so I sent them back.  They are a bit more narrow than my MT 110's in regular width.  Ill be getting them in the wide width soon, I just wish they had the wides on RW. The ground feel is way better than the old MT 10's, which were AWFUL in a size 14.  The MT 10s lugs did not increase in size as the shoe did, the gaps between them just got bigger.  In a 14, I could feel each individual lug, and got corresponding blisters on the balls of both feet.  They fixed the problem with these and the ground feel is spot on.  Although I guess my opinion on that is not too educated, since I only wore them around for a few minutes before deciding to return them. 
From: Dave, Seattle, WA, USA

Comments: I have run abou 50 miles in mine. They are very uncomfortable walking & slow running. They also cut my feet and caused blisters on my left feet on the upper part of my arc due to the folding upper material. I thought I was the only one who suffered from it, but apperiantly a friend of mine suffers from the same blister/cut in the exact same place. I regret buying these shoes, and the money spent on them.. I had high expectations.
From: Ran, Israel

Comments: The rubber stuff on all the mesh parts is very uncomfortable and crinkles up and folds when you bend your toes or even walk around. They don't feel durable at all. I returned mine because of this.  I had a blister from walking around in them for 2 hours due to the plastic stuff on the mesh. I run a lot of heavy mileage and also do speed work and hill work and all other kinds of work as I am in high school track/ cross country and from wearing these for such a short time, it was obvious they would have lasted maybe two weeks tops had I not returned them.
From: Alex, Syracuse, NY, USA

Comments: I have had the MT00 for about 6 weeks.  They are fantastic.  It is the best fit that I have experienced.  They fit similar to my vibram 5 fingers, but better arch support and better protection on bottom of feet.  I mainly use the shoe for cross fit and it has performed very well.  I do some light running of 3 - 4 miles and the shoe done very well.  I wear a size 39 in the Vibram Five Fingers and this translates directly into 7 1/2 for NM MT00. Love the shoe!
From: Shawn, Denver, CO, USA

Comments: This is a great shoe in all aspects except durability.  I'm running a bit over 100mpw right now and my first pair of these have a handful of holes after just 2 weeks of running in them.  The sole is fine, but the upper is so unbelievably thin that they just aren't going to last long at all.  I'd give them 400 miles tops before they absolutely have to be replaced, so only buy this shoe if you can afford to replace it frequently.  That said, if you can afford new shoes more often, this is a great super-lightweight, flexible, breathable, and comfortable shoe.  Oh, and to compare to the MT10, this is much more minimal.  After wearing these, the MT10s feel like bricks on my feet.
From: Collin, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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