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Comments: I had the same experience as Greg from Pittsburgh. I have always run in battleship trail shoes so bought these because of the 8mm drop, a good way to slowly transition down to lower drop shoes. Due to injury I haven't been running so took these shoes out for two hikes (14 & 16 miles). Like Greg, mine creased in the forefoot and started to break up on both shoes. I couldn't believe this could happen after two hikes. Also, the outer sole started to break up at the exact same place on both left and right shoes. To the credit of Running Warehouse they were very fast to give me a refund after I sent them photos in an email. Great service as always. I thought I may have been unlucky with a faulty pair but it appears I'm not the only person this has happened to. Won't be buying any NB trail shoes again. I now have a pair of Asics Fuji Trainers and Inov8 Roclites 295 to try, hopefully I have a better experience!
From: Steve, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 2/18/14

Comments: My 910 Trail shoe was purchased from LLBean. My usual running shoe size is 9.5. I had to purchase the 10.5 to get a shoe long enough to fit. The shoes squeaked on every surface. Not the soles on the surface, but the shoe itself. Standing in place and rocking back and forth the shoes would squeak to beat the band. I think that meant the adhesive holding the sole to the upper was allowing too much motion. After a few months, the soles came off the shoes between the toebox and the heel. You might be better off just flushing $150 down the toilet.
From: George, Geneva, NY, USA

Comments: What a fantastic trail shoe! I run in Mizuno Ronins on the road and race less rocky trail races in the Montrail Rogue Fly which doesn't have enough protection for my training. The MT1210 and MT910 looked like they'd fit my feet and lower arch so I ordered both in the size down that the shoe fitter indicated, hoping one of them would be an instant good fit for me. The shoes arrived quickly as always with Running Warehouse's standard excellent service. I put the MT910 on first and was instantly impressed. I couldn't have hoped for a better fit. I then tried on the MT1210 thinking I'd have a hard decision on my hands but the MT1210 in the same size was clearly too short for me. I took the MT910 out on a really twisty single track trail which is loose and very steep in places and I was amazed at the grip these shoes have. They seemed to have the ideal blend of cushion, protection, traction and weight. I'll have to wait and see how well they last but my plan is to wear these at Imogene this year and perhaps my 50k a month later. I'll post an update if they start disappointing me but right now I couldn't be happier. One note, my feet are not super wide at the toes. If yours are, these may not be for you.
From: Ron, Colorado

Comments: I bought these shoes to wear as mid-week trainers to alternate with my Leadville 1210's. I typically run about 40-60 miles per week. I wore these shoes on 1 run and one run only. We did a 26 mile single track run and it seemed these hurt my feet, they creased wierd and the bottom section in the transparent area begain crumbling apart. I would not suggest these. Now the Leadville 1210s are superior for Ultra Running and I was hoping they would feel similar, but they do not. I am a 50 and 100K runner training for my first 100 Mile, so it seems like I go through many shoes often and these are the worst, but the Leadville's have been the best.
From: Greg, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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