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Comments: I just completed my 10th marathon in these shoes yesterday, and hit a PR. Today, my legs feel stronger and less sore than they ever have after a marathon. I used these shoes exclusively for the final 5 weeks of my 12 week training plan, and felt great in them. I believe that running with more proper technique and landing more on my mid-foot (with the help of these shoes) may speed my recovery time as well. I'll probably wear Newton's for life!
From: Karl, Lakeside, AZ, USA

Comments: I also love these shoes. I've tried other brands that claim a mid foot ride but none compare to these shoes. My mileage went through the roof because I am so much more comfortable and I run with less effort. I look forward to running everyday and dread the days I don't. I've gotten more than 400 miles on my Newtons and theres still life yet. I typically wear a size 10.5 but wear an 11 in the Newtons. Get them a 1/2 size larger because you want to be sure the energy return pad is hitting properly. I'll be running in these for a very long time.
From: Ron W., Highspire, PA, USA

Comments: I just did my first run in these this morning. It was supposed to be a 7-mile recovery run, but I ended up running at about half-marathon race pace because the ride felt so sweet. I'm 6'0" 158lbs and I run about 60 miles per week, typically in footwear ranging from Vibram Five Fingers all the way to Asics Nimbus 12s. The Newton Distance Racer has instantly become my new favorite shoe, and I am looking forward to setting some new PRs with them!
From: Jon, PGH, PA, USA

Comments: I love these shoes, they have completely changed the way that I run.  Trying to land on your midfoot (with your ankle neutral) in a traditional shoe is impossible since the heel is twice as thick as the forefoot.  So after years of trying to improve my gate I was still a mild heel striker.  These shoes have finally allowed me to have a natural gate.  I run so much more efficiently now.  My calves are getting a lot more of a workout, but the rest of my body is barely tired after very long training runs.  I can't picture myself ever running in a shoe with a raised heel again. 
From: Josh, Farmington, UT, USA

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