Newton Distance III Men's Shoes Orange Customer feedback

Comments: Converted Newtonian! Shoes are awesome! I have two pairs now, the Distance III and Gravity III. They are comfortable, light, and can go the distance. For my run days, I average around 17-20mi a week and these are my new go to shoe. That being said, everyone's foot is different so this shoe might not be for your. You have to have already developed a mid/fore-foot running technique for these shoes to work. There is a break in period of about 15-20mi I would say. But after that, they are golden. The toe box is wide and the upper mesh is soft and made really well. I replaced the laces with Lock-Laces to help during transitions and for a snugger fit; helps when your feet swell too. For reference, I've used Pegasus, Frees, Brooks Pure Connects other various Nike shoes. I don't even want to run in those anymore. Also buy a half size up.
From: mcgong, Orange, CA, USA. September 26th 2014

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