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Comments:I'm not that much of a runner, but my GF bought this for me because I have extremely wide feet (4D) and I was tired of trying on every wide brooks and new balance shoe at running shops that she dragged me to, which were still uncomfortable and usually very ugly looking!. Surprisingly, this shoe is really comfortable for me, probably because it's really flexible and suits my wide feet better. I am normally a 10.5 but an 11 in this is perfect. I can run 3 miles in them just fine, but I'm not sure about anything more than that. Most of all, it's great for weight lifting since it has a low drop, it allows me to squat heavy (315lb+) without having to wear other shoes.
From: Q, San Jose, CA

Comments: I also loved the 3.0 v3 and was totally disappointed with the v4 which i returned. v4 was way too tight in the toe box and did not breath as well as the v3. Fortunately i still have 3 pair of the v3 which i rotate with Sketcher Bionics and Go Run 2s. Hopefully Nike will bring back some of the positives of the v3 and maybe give us a zero drop shoe at some point. 
From: KB, Kansas City, MO

Comments: I loved LOVED the 3.0 V3's, and have been disappointed in the V4's. My old pair hugged my foot in a very natural, very comfortable way, and this new version feels too stiff. I'm scouring the web for a pair of V3's now.
From: Scott, Atlanta, GA, USA

Comments: As a 70-80mpw, 16, 33, 1:13 runner, I go several pairs of shoes each year. I ran 2011 in the Free 3.0 v2s, and 2012 in the Free 3.0 v3; the toebox and upper on the v3 model was considerably more durable than the v2. The v2 lasted about 500 miles before falling apart; the v3s lasted 1000 miles apiece. I ran through 5 pairs of the v3 and, much to my disappointment, they are now sold out everywhere. I finally decided to give the 3.0 v4s a shot, and have been very disappointed to find that I cannot wear them. The toe-box is very tight and has torn up the tops of my sockless feet. Some breaking in is normal with new pairs of shoes, and I trust this problem will remedy itself in time. The structure of the ankle, however, has been a problem that makes running in the v4s impossible. Recall in the v3s how the ankle upper was incredibly flexible? The new ankle upper is rigid. So rigid, in fact, that the base of my ankle is sore to the touch. I had to jam socks down the sides of my ankles in order to mitigate the pressure during a 16-miler. Even with the makeshift padding, the outside of my feet between the ankle-bone and heel are in unusual pain. I am going to give the Sketchers GoRun2 a shot- perhaps theirs is a model that has more appropriately continued the Free 3.0 form.
From: Atlanta, Georgia

Comments: They really need to widen the toe box, have less restrictive fabric on the forefoot, and figure out a way to incorporate the Nike + sensor in these lower heel drop Free versions (perhaps under the arch where they may have more room to play with). If they fix those things (and perhaps come with 2 different, progressive heel to toe drop like the new Brooks) - they would have one of the best shoes out there. Otherwise, half-baked execution.
From: Tony, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Comments: This shoe is absolutely awesome. I do understand the complaints about it being too tight, but if your foot is relatively thin and narrow, it starts out a little tight but then molds to your foot slightly and works itself to absolute perfection. Everywhere online said to order a half size up, however I normally wear either a 9.5 or 10 and the 9.5 on this shoe fit perfectly. Such a light a flexible shoe. I love this shoe
From: Eli, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable, I suggest ordering .5 a size larger than you wear though. They feel like nothing while you're running and overall, a great shoe. My favorite.
From: Devin, Portsmouth, VA, USA

Comments: I like how Nike closed the gaps on the outsole so that it is less likely to have stones get stuck.  It is similar in ground feel to previous models, but the upper is more constricting.  The bonded/synthetic overlays and design of this model make it less breathable.  My foot felt hot on my recent outdoor July runs.  In previous iterations of this shoe, the upper was largely open mesh and that kept the foot much cooler.  The v2 was extremely cool and I also didn't have any heat issues with the v3.  Overall, it is still a great shoe, but in the summer, I prefer a more breathable design.
From: GioV, Irvine, CA

Comments: I feel this shoe is a significant improvement over past models. The lower heel to forefoot differential is much appreciated. I would compare it to a more flexible and lighter Saucony Kinvara. The tight toe box is annoying at first, but stretches well. I have run only 50 mile in them so far and I no longer feel the tight toe box. I feel if they fix the toe box for their next update they will have a perfect shoe.
From: Paolo, Dayton, OH, USA

Comments: Great shoe, and the 25% discount was awesome too. I have transitioned from a 5.0 to this 3.0, and I am very happy with it. It really does have a sock-like feel, and is extremely comfortable. I will say that the yellow color is much much brighter in reality, but that isn't a problem, it just differs from the pictures a little.
From: Isaac, Placerville, CA, USA

Comments: This shoe is way to tight and the previous models were much better.  Not worth the money.  Some are on clearance, I would go for those ones.
From:  Jason, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Comments: This shoe is completely different from the Nike Free 3.0 v3. It fits much tighter, the outsole is essentially the same now as the Free 4.0 (which is much stiffer in my opinion), and the upper was completely changed too (and is now much more rigid, narrower, and less breathable). This shoe fits completely differently now, and does not fit my foot at all.
I am not sure why Nike created the Free 4.0, which was a completely different shoe than the 3.0, only to then go and change the 3.0 to be essentially the same shoe as the 4.0! It doesn't make sense. It took all that was great in v3 and lost it in v4. If I wanted to go buy a Nike Free 4.0, I would go buy one, but don't change the 3.0 that I loved into the same shoe.
I absolutely loved the Free 3.0 v3, it is my all-time favorite shoe, but this update just ruined it for me. Updates from v1 to v2 to v3 were all modest and good, but this was radical and backwards. I hope they bring the v3 style back when they update to v5. Time to go buy as many v3's as I can from other websites.
From: Nathan, Tempe, AZ, USA

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