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Comments: The end of my review was cut off, but here are the remainder of my thoughts. The midsole/outsole is brilliant as intoned. Now on to one flaw in the otherwise excellent flyknit upper. If you look at photos of these you will notice that the heel curves in at a sharp angle near the top. It was this design "feature" that resulted in me returning the shoes. This inward sloping heel cup chafed right on through my socks and even bandaids that I put on for subsequent runs. It was brutal on my heels. So! Beware of this one issue if you have a fairly normal heel structure. If your heel has a more inward cup to it you'll probably be ok and you'll enjoy these shoes greatly, as I wish I could have!
From: Joel, Austin, TX. 2/25/14

Comments: I was extremely skeptical about these shoes, but I've been seeing a strong surge in Nike design efforts and product quality with brilliant efforts like the Nike Terra Kiger leading the charge. The first generation of these shoes were widely praised with the exception of the upper - whose tongue was apparently floppier than your typical Great Dane's. This second generation looked to fix those problems and improve upon what was apparently a very great platform. Upper - They are quite narrow, but not uncomfortably so. The flyknit material will apparently form to your foot over time, and already it is snug and supportive. The heel does rub a bit on my achilles due to the way it curves in, but so far it hasn't been a huge issue. The tongue is stitched into the upper, and is very thin. A lot of shoe designers should take note of how elegantly this has been done. It's my favorite tongue ever. The flyknit material is somewhat rough to the touch, so forget about wearing these sockless. However, there are no chafe points to speak of if you're wearing socks like a civilized person.

Midsole/Outsole - While the shoes felt inflexible out of the box and very much that way upon the first few steps of a test run they quickly softened up. These shoes have a highly unique ride. The heel is firmer than the forefoot due to the thinner layer of lunar foam, and this actually feels really great underfoot. - Control as you land, and plush, floaty sensations as you push off. A good test of shoe design is how silently you run in them. Silence means that your foot is going through its gait without slap. These are incredibly silent
From: Anonymous. 2/14/14

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