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Comments: I purchased these after a positive experience with the Flyknit Free 5.0. Outside of the Lunaracer 1 & 2 sole, this is my favorite from Nike. I've got about 50 miles on the shoes and the sole is holding up ok. However, I doubt I will get much more than about 250 miles on these because the rubber is so thin. This is similar to what I get out of the Lunaracers that are significantly cheaper. Beyond the sole, the upper is comfortable, especially without socks. I found that my socks (Balega) get bunched up under my toes so it's easier and more comfortable to go without them. What I don't like about this shoe is that the sole and upper don't seem to be designed for each other. The heel cup doesn't hold my foot to the shoe well at all and tightening the laces helps but is uncomfortable. I'm a pretty severe underpronator and I run off the mid part of my foot so it's not a huge deal but it's noticeable. I haven't had this issue at all with the Flyknit Frees, which I attribute to the lack of a structured insert within the heel of the 5.0s that allows the Flyknit material to hug the foot better. Bottom line is that I hope they keep the shoe around, especially the sole, and keep working on the Flyknit upper for this shoe. It's a nice start but not great. I weight about 170 lbs., run about 50-70 miles a week, and rotate these shoes with three or four other pairs of shoes (vomero, lunaracer, free 5.0, and zoom elite 6).
From: Jeremy, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Comments: These shoes are awsome best running shoe ever
From: Anonymous

Comments: It takes a few runs to break in these shoes but once you do you won't want to take them off. The upper is form fitting and the zoom air sole is resilient. I have used these for runs up to 15 miles and they performed well.
From: S, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: I tried this shoe on with a quick jog over at a high school cross country camp sponsored by Nike this summer. While the upper is amazing like Nike claims, the sole of the shoe is what really matters for the quality ride a runner gets. It was super hard and firm. I am a forefoot striker and prefer to run in my Altra Instincts than the New Balance Minimus Trail 00 I trained in last spring. The Flyknit trainer simply needs to be flatter and softer for heel-strikers or forefoot runners. It is just too hard a shoe... no matter how great the upper design is. 
From: Audie, Logansport, Indiana

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