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Comments: This shoe is ready to run right out of the box. The only thing I had to modify in the shoe after my first run with them, 16 miles, was the plastic part that houses the Nike chip in the left shoe underneath the insole. I took the plastic ring out because I started feeling it after 10 miles. The little foam piece without the plastic ring is adequate. The fit is snug. The shoefitr guide recommended I go a half size larger than what I usually wear in a couple of my shoes, but when I tried a half size larger at the store it felt too big and didn't run well on their treadmill. I feel the toe box is pretty narrow so maybe be mindful of that if you require a wider toe box. Also the top of the shoe conforms to your entire foot including your toes but still doesn't feel like my toes are banging against the front. My initial run of 16 miles was really hilly and my toes felt fine and I didn't lose toenails so I feel the fit is good, but just different from the traditional upper of a running shoe. The sole is nice and cushioned and has a medium amount of flex I feel. I like a shoe that's not too stiff but not too flexible for distances 13+ miles. They feel fast and light for long distances as well and are forgiving if you accidentally heel strike here and there when hopping off curbs or downhills. I run more forefoot/midfoot and these shoes have no problem allowing good form. Overall, a great shoe at a great price considering how light these shoes are and the moderate amount of cushioning. Definitely race-able and great for distance training.
From: Alex, Portland, Oregon, USA

Comments: I know where you're coming from, Bill. When they say the toe box is low, they mean its really low, so that takes some adjustment especially since my other shoes are NB 1400s, which are pretty forgiving in the toe box, but in my opinion aren't as responsive as the Lunaracers. Other than that, they don't have a heel cup, which is awesome, except I've found myself swimming around in the heel area since there's a lot of space I had to relace them after my first couple runs to accommodate that. I never wore the original lunaracers so I can't compare them, but I've heard that the 3's are a touch wider than the originals, and I wear them sockless which I heard you couldn't do with the originals because of an uncovered seam. I've only had them a week, but I've put 70 miles on them in that week, and will try to hit anywhere from 70-90 this summer. So far they hold up well, but time will tell.
From: Matt, St. Paul, MN

Comments: Out of the box I noticed a significant improvement with the material in the upper. The first version was a great shoe but the material in the upper could be pretty brutal. The knit in this version is more comfortable and breathable. The midsole is exactly the same as the LR 1. After a day of walking around I decided to do my 20 mile run in them. They are the same shoe performance-wise. Great cushion and response. Still get the funny sensation at the end of my toes in the latter stages of the run and got a minor blister on a pinky toe. Otherwise no problems. No unexpected knee or hip soreness. Great upgrade by Nike and will definitely run my next marathon in this one.
From: Bill, Springfield, TN

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