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Comments: Im a neutral runner who runs 10 or more miles a day, and I hates shoes with big heels. I love the vomero 7 compared to the asics gt-2000, which caused foot pain due to stiffness. New Balance zero, although great, lacked forefoot cushioning. I decided to try Vomero 7- it has good flexibility and the cushioning is amazing; in addition it has a lower profile. I have no problems with this shoe, the only thing I would change is to have the next vomero at 4mm drop or zero; the reason is because not only will it improve a person's form, but also decrease injuries due to a low heel.
From: Michael James, Arizona

Comments: Very disappointed in this Vomero series. I loved the Vomero 4,5,6 but this shoes is causing pain in my shins and ankles. Not sure what about the design causes it. But it is what it is for me and I am looking else where for my runners.
From: James, San Antonio, Texas

Comments: Nike is doing their best to ruin a once great shoe, this thing is a monstrosity, it's a beast, it doesn't work.
From: Rick, Potomac, MD, USA

Comments: I agree with many of the other reviewers. I really don't see this shoe as having a "plush" ride as claimed in the description. There is noticeably less cushion compared to the 4, 5, and 6 which I loved.  I will be looking elsewhere for a more cushioned shoe.
From: Butch, Goldsboro, NC, USA

Comments: I have owned these now for about 5 months and use them in a series of shoes with other brands mixed in. Recently, I have chosen these as a long distance trainer (10+ miles). I am a neutral runner with slight pronation and the lack of support has caused me major issues. While it's a great shoe for From: Chris, Houston, Texas

Comments: Shoe felt great, as all Vomero's generally do, but I couldn't get past the all white sole.  I know it sounds petty, but the shoes really do look like your grandfather's Florida shuffleboard shoes or something.  Guess I'll hold out for further color options..
From: Bharat

Comments: I am a long time Vomero runner and I am really disappointed in these. I miss the cushioning, the arch is now to far forward, I don't care for the fit and I don't like the way the look (although, this is least important). I just don't like running in them. For me the vomero dynasty is over, I have purchase several pair a year for each prior version, I returned the 7's.
From: Jeff, Long Island, NY, USA

Comments: Vomero 7 is lighter and less bulky than previous versions. The soft ride is still there although its not as cushioned as previous versions. Nike didn't stiffen the ride, its just the lowered heel toe drop(slightly) which makes it feel a touch less cushioned. I do prefer the pegasus 29 as it reminds me more of the ride of the vomero 4,5,6 than the vomero 7 does.
From: Tim, Juno Beach, FL

Comments: I would just like to add to my comment one thing that I just noticed, the durability of the upper(the mesh) is just bad: under the laces, this mesh just torned easly, it appears on the forefoot upper too, and I have to admit that it is bad for a Vomero and for a NIKE shoe that is freaking expensive! (By the way, I kept the shoe upper safe and clean all the time, just running in them on road or treadmill!)
From: Shahar, Be'er Sheva, Israel

Comments: I've bought the Vomero+ 7, I have to admit, I had high expections from them, and honestly, they are AMAZING, they feel great! I'm a neutral runner that need some support, with medium arch and have a regular width. When I first put them on, they felt great, great lacing system and amazing "Dynamic Fit" feature, the cushion was great as wel as the soft feel(which some will say stiff but I don't think so), the support and protection were there, the only thing I didn't like is the width of the forefoot that was a little wide for me, but other than that its just great. Now to the run, my first run with the shoes was a 6k run, they felt great, I'm a midfoot-heel striker and the cushioning felt great, the weight transition from heel to forefoot was great and the protection was huge. For a Vomero, these shoes are pretty light, and are pretty responsive. I enjoy running in these shoes, and happy that I bought them even though they are a little expensive for running shoes.
From: Shahar, Be'er Sheva, Israel

Comments: A more sporty ride with the lower heel and a great fit. More luxury sport and a smoother transition.
From: Ken, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Comments: I never cared for the prior Vomero versions but love this one.  It has plenty of cush, but a little less than the prior versions, and feels a little more level in the profile. Not quite as pogo-stick like as before yet still very protective.  There aren't enough positive words to describe Nike's new Dynamic Fit feature. It's not just marketing hype - it really moves/adjusts to your foot so well in the arch and mid-foot!  One of my feet is oddly shaped and flexibility in that area is so nice to have. Still feels supportive at the same time. As for the color, to each their own, but to me not every shoe has to be tiger-striped orange or electric pink.  The color combo looks fine, imo.
From: Nate, Des Moines, IA, USA

Comments: Shoe felt great, as all Vomero's generally do, but I couldn't get past the all white sole.  I know it sounds petty, but the shoes really do look like your grandfather's Florida shuffleboard shoes or something.  Guess I'll hold out for further color options..
From: Dillon, Herndon, VA, USA

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